I'm smiling and laughing.  So I sit down Monday morning, after waking at 4am....even though I had went to bed before my 10: 00 usual 'bedtime' and hadn't set the alarm for 4, but rather 5:45, and am irritated by my lack of sleep, open up my "BLOG folder" because I'm determined if I'm going to be awake I should at least let myself enjoy the time writing, and in what used to be the next blank spot on topics I'm posting this month is this:

My Son Loves Me
My Son Loves Me

Do you see it?  Right there at the bottom....  My husband has written in 'My wonderful family wants me to have a gazebo'.....

What's that?  Oh.  You don't get it?

Well......  several years ago....okay, quite a few actually.... I went to New York City and attended an SCBWI conference.  one of the speakers - I believe it was Katherine Patterson but don't quote me on this as I don't have it written down in my notebook - told a story of how their child's friend didn't believe that their mother was an author because she didn't have a gazebo in the backyard and 'every author has a gazebo in the backyard'....

So it's been this standing joke (I think it's a joke...we'll see) that when I'm a published author (doesn't that sound cool?) that my family will put a gazebo in the back yard for me.

I DON'T think it will be this one....
Maybe closer to this one?
Maybe closer to this one?

Either way,  I feel highly motivated and encouraged!  🙂  And loved 🙂

So I guess I should get really busy writing....because the cost of gazebos is going up (isn't everything?)!  And apparently my family wants to see it happen....


Well, way back in April of 2012, I wrote about what to blog about and that has been on my mind again.  I read that post back from April of 2012 and it seems that I'm sticking to the same basic thoughts.  I'm not a person who can read just one book at a time so I can't imagine just focusing on one subject like so many of the blogs I love do.  So just as I posted back in 2012, I think I'll try to blog about various things:


Our Faith... my family is Orthodox Christian.  My husband is cradle Orthodox while my two older children and I converted about 10 years ago.  It was the most important decision of my life.  I love Orthodoxy.  I love all Christians...and all non-Christians... but I really feel Orthodoxy is the True Faith, the Church begun by Christ and his apostles upon his resurrection and Pentecost and I'm so thrilled to have found it to allow it to guide me in my relationship with Christ.

Our Food Lifestyle.... it's truly not a diet...it's a lifestyle.  For really good reasons and that's what I'll start writing about next week (at least that's the plan.... I actually wrote out some notes the other day when I had time about how we got started on this path).  Everyone has told me I should write a book on it...  I'm not so sure about that...  I prefer creative writing...  for kids...  but perhaps I can tell our story on here in a more brief format.

Homeschooling... We started homeschooling not long before our adventures into discovering the difference between real food and food products and it's been quite an adventure of it's own.  It's an important aspect of our life.

WRITING!!!  That's why I'm on here.... because I love to write!  And my dream is to become a children's author... though I'm not sure anymore what I want to write... what age group or genre.  I am thinking of writing an Orthodox Picture Book...but I want to write for the general public as well.

BOOKS!  What's a writer without books and what's a book without writers?  They go hand in hand and I read quite the varied selection.  I like to talk about them all.

Random Stuff.....  My thoughts are generally non-stop and full of randomness so why not include that here?  I like to share thoughts I have based on things I've read, heard, things that are going on in my life or in that of my children and others I know.  I like to read quotes by famous authors or other people and reflect on what it means and how it applies to me...  all of that and more fits under this category.

So that's what I've been contimplating over the last week and that's what I hope to make a habit of writing about very soon!  If you are following me, thank you.  If you like what you see, let me know.  I'm a bit of a shy introvert with not as much of a high self-esteem as people tell me I should have so I'm often wondering why people do view my posts and what they like about them.  If you have time to drop me a note and tell me, please do!

So once again, I am faced with trying to make life easier.
Easier said than done, yes?

I have had deep resentment issues for years in regards to my ability to find time to write. I need to make it a priority. I need to make myself a priority. Easier said than done.

I have at least, forced myself in the last 6 weeks or so to exercise. This is an incredible feat for me. I do not exercise. At least I didn't. I started at a simple 8 minutes a day goal, 4-5x a week. I felt like it would kill me for sure! I'm up to about 20 minutes a day about 4x a week with one 30 minute day thrown in there. I use a stationary bike and a treadmill. I hate the bike. I like the treadmill. I also use a few weights here and there for my arms. I'd like to keep up with it. We'll see. Easier said than done.

BUT... I am motivated. For the first time in.... well, seriously, I think it is the first time! I think avoiding processed foods and cutting waaayyyyyyyy back on sugar has helped tremendously because for the first time ever I think I have the energy required to feel motivated. And I would love to be 'in shape'. And getting this 44 year old body that has never truly exercised in shape is , well, er..... easier said than done. So whether I keep up with this Paleo style life is yet to be seen but I do believe I feel good enough to resist the temptation to go back to as much processed foods as we did. And of course, we've stayed away from the truly artificial stuff for almost 8 years now.

Anyway, back to the original topic at hand. Writing.
A friend of mine, a writer friend, said just pick a time of day to just do it. Easier said than done. She seemed to think I could just choose nap time... lol. That time is exercise time and history time - I now read my son's history lesson outloud as a way for me to refresh my own knowledge of American History and to help him lessen the time it's been taking him to get his lessons done. So I'm not sure that will work. But I'm determined to figure something out. Maybe it just can't be every day. I can accept that. But I must set this as a priority. I must figure it out!!

Easier said than done, I know.