Please bear with me here.... I'm going to try this out.  Joy of Dawn sent me a video and I found an eHOW article on putting links on here...  haven't read the article but watched the video... we'll give it a shot!

Well Fed  is my favorite cookbook right now ! 🙂

Melissa also published another cookbook.  It's titled Well Fed 2 and is on my Amazon wishlist!

YES!!!!!!  I think I did it!  🙂  Happy Dance.... and now to rush off for an appointment!  Hopefully now I can incorporate more links and things into my blog and make it a bit more educational and who knows, maybe a little more entertaining!  Thank you Joy of Dawn!


So I've been browsing the dashboard area, trying to figure out this blog thing.  I came to a section called 'stats'... so I take a look.  It seems that one day I had 27 views, 18 visitors.   ??   So what does that mean?  I had 18 people look at my blog one day and out of those 19 they viewed 27 of my posts?  That's my best guess.  Let me know if anyone reads this and can tell me if I'm right or clear it up for me.

I'm still trying to figure out how to put links on here.  I read other blogs and they have highlighted words right within the text.  You click on the word and it takes you to another post or to a website that is about that topic or selling that product.  The other day I wrote about Well Fed, and excellent cookbook for people following the Paleo Diet.  I was trying to put a link in so that if you clicked on the words Well Fed it would take you to the Amazon link to read more about it and buy the book if one cared to do so.  Well, whatever I did was successful in getting the word to highlight but did not take one to the link.  It did, however, show up in my blogroll.  I didn't even know I could do that at the time.  The whole blogroll thing is a mystery to me too! LOL  And yet I have several things there.

I guess what I need is a WordPress Tutor...or a class.  I have a WordPress for Dummies book but I have so little time.  I tried looking up adding links in there but got confused!  (Go ahead, laugh... if I heard someone got confused reading a .....for Dummies book, I'd laugh too.)  But I had no idea how many topics under links there would be.  There are categories, thumbnails, relationships, permalinks, etc.  No where does it say :  Do this so your word will highlight and people can see where they can buy that book on Amazon.  Haha....

Oh, well.... I suppose I'm just too tired to read and think clearly tonight.

I'm still working on figuring out how to incorporate more writing time into the schedule.  I am working on making up monthly meal plans and trying to pick one day a week to cook meats, etc. ahead of time so that I have less  daily meal prep time.  This seems to be helping a little.  I have some extra things in the freezer.... already cooked chicken, 2 batches of spaghetti sauce and I already have the meat cooked and the veggies cut up for tomorrow's meal which should make tomorrow's prep time easy peasy....    I think if I can get a better handle on kitchen time, it will free up more time for me to work on writing and just take a big stress factor away from me.  Anyway...  the thoughts are up in my head...  I just need to form a better organized plan with all of them.

Well.... feeling drowsy...   more than usual... wondering if my splurge with pasta yesterday is a factor.  It was probably the first gluten or wheat I've had in awhile.  I'm not sure if it could be related to that or is just a coincendence...  hmmmmm...

Well Goodnight!  Let's see if I can really get upstairs and make it an early bedtime....  I always seem to get distracted when I try that little trick!