Well I’ve put a lot of thinking on this blogging thing. Wondering if I should limit it to just a couple topics?
Some people seem to just write about their WRITING….others just on FOOD, others on their FAITH.
Well, I can’t. There’s just too much that’s important to me. So I’m going to keep writing about it all….but it will most likely be the following topics:

1. Orthodoxy (My faith)
2. Food (Our lifestyle, What We’ve learned as a family and why we eat whole foods and avoid artificial ingredients)
3. Books I’m Reading (or read, or want to read, or…..)
4. Writing
5. Home schooling / Parenting
6. Randomness (I like sharing random thoughts….they make up a good deal of my day 😉 )

I thought about assigning each thing it’s own day…and maybe someday I’ll do that….but for now I think I just need to do it as it comes, especially since I know I can’t keep up with this everyday just yet.

Well- that’s it for now.

Everyone have a nice day. I’m hungry….I need to go find food…..REAL food…..