Sun through trees
Photo Credit to Edge of Woods Photography

It is a time of much challenge to those that are Christians throughout this whole world.  We  must nourish our minds and souls with the words of our Lord and our Church Fathers.  For in this nourishment we will find strength, courage and wisdom. Let me share with you then, some words that I find nourishing to my mind from the sources that I thrive upon - The Holy Bible, books and sources on the saints and church fathers, and various other books and sources related to my Orthodox Faith.  I hope you will gain from these peaceful reflections as I do.   May God be with you.


Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal have mercy on us.


A secret prayer lies hidden within the human heart.  The man himself does not know it, yet working mysteriously within his soul, it urges him to prayer according to each man's knowledge and power. 

~R.M. French  -   The Way of A Pilgrim


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