My several Saturdays have not gone as I would desire them to.  They allowed no time for any relaxation or doing anything that I truly WANTED to do.  Today has been a bit different.  I got up this morning (After sleeping in!!!!  Hooray!) and started the soup for dinner while I made breakfast.  Breakfast was just eggs with several sides of leftovers thrown together.... but dinner will be a Sweet Italian Sausage Stew... a new paleo recipe obtained from Everyday Paleo that I'm looking forward to.  Then, with only a few minor disruptions, I finally got my 'morning routine' done by noon and the rest of my usual Saturday tasks and planned the Novemeber menu and was done by 1:30!  YAY!  Time to read blogs, do some writing myself and explore a bit with the whole writing idea.  I also hope to squeeze some extra play time in with my toddler 🙂

My husband and son came home early from hunting as my son got a doe this moring.  So it's nice to have them in the house since they've been rather absent for the past 4 days out hunting.  And soon we will have venison in the freezer alongside the grassfed beef we just put in about 2 days ago.

So today's post is brief but I have been working on several ideas for next week and writing down ideas for blog posts and stories to turn into someday manuscripts!  All in all, it's been a nice Saturday for once!  🙂