Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

Wrapping It Up 


Well, I'm not sure that I ever bought into the groundhog theory, but suffice it to say he seems right so far as the snow seems to just keep piling up out there with no end in sight.  Oh how I long for Spring!  People tell me it's right around the corner but have they seen the snow piles around the corner?? It was a wonderful St. Valentine's Day celebration none the less! It was the 26th celebration of St. Valentine's Day I celebrated with my sweetheart -we've never missed one yet- not even during our darkest year that included a brief separation.  Yes, we've been there- not proud of it- but just want to be honest as I think there are too many divorces in this world....and not enough couples willing to fight the good fight so to speak and do what it takes to make a marriage work.  I'm so glad that we have and still are committed to our relationship!  Marriage is hard work but it is sooooo worth it!!


My Writing World

There are days I wonder if this world still exists. At the beginning of this month I even posted about this. I actually implied that I may be done with writing at least at this point in my life. Don't go looking for the post however, because after discussing this with my husband he requested that I delete the post. Some of you that follow by email probably ...continue reading "February WrapUp"