Peaceful Reflections

 Reflections in a pond, Mill Dam A peaceful spot at the north end of the Duns Castle Nature Reserve

for those times you just need some quiet time to sit, read just a short bit and reflect


Any Desire, no matter how good it appears, cannot rival the desire for Christ or for the Panagia.  When I give my heart to God, will not God give me His entire Self in return?  God seeks man's heart:  My son, give me your heart (Proverbs 23:26).  If man gives God his heart, God will grant him his heart's desires - as long as they will not be harmful to him.  Only  a heart given to Christ is not wasted, and only in Christ does one find - in abundance- the gift of divine love in this life, and heavenly exaltation in the next life.            

~  Elder Paisios the Athonite



The soul that has come to know God fully no longer desires anything else, nor does it attach itself to anything on the earth; and if you put before it a kingdom, it would not desire it, for the love of God gives such sweetness and joy to the soul that even the life of a king can no longer give it any sweetness.
~    St. Silouan the Athonite


Do not desire to hear about the misfortunes of those who oppose you. For those who listen to such speech later reap the fruits of their evil intention.                
~St. Mark the Ascetic




Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy on Me, a Sinner.

May this day bring you peace and thoughtful, God filled reflections to fill your heart throughout your days.


wpid-IMG_20140130_113846_847.jpgAs I sit in a semi-asleep trance this Saturday morning, realizing I had been desperate enough for coffee but too tired to remember to get it out of the Keurig when it was done..... I walk to the kitchen to get my cup and reflect over what I have just read.  I come back and realize the coffee is not that hot but I really must get myself back into some habits..... writing being one of them (here I am!)and my peaceful reflections being reading, Orthodox reading and reading in general.

Today I share some snippets I found in the 201 Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of Saints and Fasting Calendar put out by the Orthodox Calendar Company.  It is not from today's reading as I am WAY behind in my readings!

The Lord said, "Learn from Me to be meek and humble of heart." There are many types of humility.  You can be obedient and reproach yourself in everything - this is a form of humility.  Another can repent his sins and count himself the lowest before Christ - this is also a form of humility.  But when a soul sees the Lord through the Holy Spirit in all His meekness and humility, then it also becomes humbled to its limits.  This is a special sort of humility which cannot be described, it can only be experienced through the Holy Spirit. And if people could experience the Lord through the Holy Spirit, they would all change - the wealthy would despise their wealth, the learned their studies, the powerful their glory and authority, and all would be humbled and would live in great peace and love, and the earth would be filled with great joy.  He who has experienced God through the Holy Spirit has a different understanding and taste.    ~  St. Silouan the Athonite


We leave our tasks unfinished because of our negligence or debility, for we do not carry out the work of God diligently and do not regard it as our main task; on the contrary, we disdain it as a kind of incidental chore.  Because of this we fail to prosper, or indeed often regress, like those others who 'turned black' and no longer followed Jesus (cf. Jn. 6:66).  And yet what Jesus said was nothing harsh, as they thought, for he was speaking to them about doctrine.  None the less, where a resolute disposition and desire are lacking, even easy things appear difficult - though the reverse is true as well.    ~St. Peter of Damascus


As I attempt to pick myself up from boxes and messes and days filled with running here and there and try to get back into a 'normal' routine - whatever that may be - I'll think upon these words that penetrated my soul this morning....  I hope you will join me.  Blessings!!