I realized it's been about 5-6 weeks since my recap on our Whole30 experience so I thought maybe I should touch base on it.  For the most part, we are still paleo.  🙂  Again, it's not something we follow strictly 100% , but we do find that the further we stray from it, the more physical symptoms (weight gain, swelling, digestive, etc.) we experience.  Therefor, other than a taste of something here and there, a bit of chocolate now and again (okay...sometimes more than now and again with the chocolate) we try to stick to the Paleo foods.

Here I am speaking mostly for my husband and I.   Not so much my children though the youngest really does not have much say at all, if any.  I have let him have an occasional whole milk yogurt and a few gluten-free snacks here and there.  He's allowed oatmeal.  I usually make Gluten Free oats but sometimes on Sunday morning I give him a packet of organic instant oats for the ease of getting ready for Liturgy in the  morning (he's 4 so he doesn't fast yet other than I try to keep it simple and no eggs or meat). Of course he eats the prosphora bread after liturgy on Sundays and had a bit of spaghetti the other day.  My other kids have a bit more leeway.  We're not exactly pushing Paleo onto our daughter who is home from college during the summer break, but she is eating Paleo meals when she is home.  I'm also limiting the amount of non-paleo snacks that I'm willing to buy her and her brother.  I buy them two yogurts per week and probably an average of 1-2 processed snacks that are not paleo - it's up to them whether they last all week or not.

I still feel I have kicked the sugar habit.  I'm sure some Whole30 Paleo fanatics would disagree with me since I have sugar and chocolate in the house.  But my sugar habit is sooooooo much less than it ever used to be that I pretty much consider it kicked.  I KNOW I still have to be careful.  I know if it's there and I'm stressed I'm GOING to eat it.  So I try really hard not to buy it at all or keep very low quantities of it around.  Chocolate is definitely my weakness.... especially after my husband and I found these wonderful delights!  They are available on Amazon but are much cheaper at Wegman's Grocery Store!!!


I have allowed and experimented a little with white potatoes and rice as well.  As long as we keep these items in moderation (rice only once a month or so), we seem to be able to handle it and keeping it so limited doesn't, in my opinion, allow it to build up and cause any unobservable issues.  My husband read a book which allows more starches such as white rice... obviously not a paleo book - and I haven't read it myself but he was convinced that white rice, on rare occasions would not be a big deal.  Thus far it isn't.  I'm skeptical....but willing to go with it.

So there you have it....  a brief summary of where we are right now with the whole paleo thing.  I'd say we do about 90% paleo.... and I think that's okay.  I think as long as we have in our minds a set limit (I won't do more than this much 'treating' with non-paleo foods) and stick to it, we'll be fine and be able to attain the health we want.  We'll need to keep ourselves in check, honestly, and rediscuss our observations and goals once in awhile...but for now, other than a few chocolate indulgences, I'd say we are doing really well and still loving PALEO!!  🙂