I've been really behind in reading and writing about this book.  My last posts on chapter one and chapter two were quite some time ago.  I've been meaning to get back to it, but it wpid-img_20140707_061624_888.jpgremains sitting on my desk, not far from this computer, and gathering dust.  I've been reminded of it in updating my book list and in my recent endeavor of getting a professional critique on one of my favorite manuscripts.  The author doing the critique actually suggested reading it...so....

Thus, I've pulled it out, dusted it off and reviewed chapter three - well , really reread the whole thing since it's been so long since reading it.

Chapter three in Ann's book is on telling the story.  Interesting that Ann has told me in this book that just like I change my outfits, I can change my story by telling it in different ways- just like the published author told me I could change my story in my current favorite manuscript!  One of those ways is simply by changing the narrative voice - first, second, or third person.  Most picture books are told in the third person narrative.  Ann spends a lot of time in this chapter making sure the reader understands and can identify point of view - and then challenges us to take a story and write it in another point of view.

I'm about to take this manuscript that I have worked on for several months and change it from first person POV to third person POV.  I do think this will help - just not sure I'll like it but I need to give it a real shot.... time to get cracking.

Do you have a story that you have changed the POV?  What happened?