I wasn't sure how to even begin on this post. Or what to call it. It's been a long time coming though.  In the back of my mind, I've considered for quite some time writing on this topic : Freedom of speech as well as  discipline in our words and actions. But I'll admit it was prayers to my Lord over a situation that greatly upset me a week or two ago that made me decide I needed to address it in a blog post.   It's a situation in our society that bothers me.  It bothers me a great deal.  I worry over it.  I pray a lot about it.  Yet it seems to be increasing and, over the last several months, lines of respect and decency have been crossed over and over again on so many different levels.  And not just in stories you hear of people that are known for crossing lines, but in families that are taught the value of treating humans with decency, among friends who have treasured one another for years and sometimes a life time, among leaders who are supposed to be protectors of our government and setting an example for the country,  and yes, among people that barely even know one another.  There is a great lack of respect, a lack of allowing someone to express an opinion without personal attack, a judgment or slander about a person based on one thing they believe in.

I read somewhere recently that "freedom of any kind is impossible without discipline.  There is no such thing as unlimited freedom, because what we do affects other people and their freedom." ...continue reading "Discipline & Freedom"


My heart is aching. The anguish is unbearable.
It is hard to get out of bed in the morning.
I’m not hungry. Chocolate doesn’t even entice me.
Every thought I have somehow reminds me of the loss.
Things I look at around the house remind me of a dream that will no longer be.
Every baby I see is a reminder of life that is no longer there for me.
I go through the motions of tasks that, after two weeks, I can finally force myself to do. Laundry, cooking, checking homeschool papers for my children…. Playing, though not without a tug at my heart, with my youngest. Pressing on for the sake of the joys in my life I have…3 precious gifts from our Lord….3 precious lives I would do anything for.
Two weeks have gone by since finding out that the precious heartbeat we had witnessed just one week prior….full of life…full of hope…full of promise….was no longer there.

As I struggle through the day trying to find joy, I find myself strolling down the status updates of my friends and family on Facebook. I stop. I stare. I shudder.

How could anyone, anyone? How could anyone actually believe that it is the right of any woman to purposely snuff out the life of another living person? How is that a ‘choice’?? The idea simply nauseates me….as it did even before either of my miscarriages. How could anyone purposely end a life that is living within them? How could anyone think that a woman has more rights than the living body inside of her? How could anyone think murder under any circumstances is anything other than just that….MURDER?

Don’t talk to me about circumstances either….rape?? Look, I’m sorry. Really. No woman should have to endure the violence of rape. And I’m sure a pregnancy that is the result of one would be very difficult to deal with…..especially if one does not have the support and strength from friends of strong faith. But that child is still a living being…a life….a gift from our heavenly Father. It is not a choice. The only choice there is to keep the child to raise it yourself or give it to another loving person who desperately wants that child. And there are so many loving women out there that would do just that.

Abortion is not a right. It is not a choice. It is murder. It is the snuffing out of a life. A very, very precious life. A gift from above. It is not a right to take that gift and throw it away.

Now seriously, I don’t care to hear from any of you ‘Pro-Choice’ people. Don’t bother to post here if you are going to be ‘preaching’ your side here at all. Respect me. Respect my right to vent here without be harassed at a time of mourning. I don’t comment on your status updates. I don’t judge you as a person. I empathize with your life challenges and struggles. Right now I am struggling. I needed to vent. I needed to say a few things on my mind. Don’t come back at me with your pro-choice thoughts and ‘reasoning’. It will only make me gag and in my humanness, think less of you and judge you as a very selfish, uncaring individual…..and I would later feel guilty for judging you but where would you be? Certainly not better off as a person and you will not, over my dead body, get me to change my views. Just feel for my struggle please…. It would probably be too much for me to ask you to rethink your stance on this issue. But I will pray for it.