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Photo by Pixabay

Back on October 6th, I published a post on time management and goal setting.  In determining those "New Year Resolutions" everyone's been talking about (including me), I've determined to go back to that goal list.

Back in October,  I had to come up with a list of my ultimate priorities.  They did not consist of the only things I find important in life but they are the most important. While the first 3 are in numerical order, the others could be interchanged. These are the things that I simply could not accept having to live without.  I reviewed that list in the last few days and determined it has not changed:

  1. God
  2. My marriage
  3. Mothering my children
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Homeschooling
  6. Writing
  7. Friends & Other Family (outside my husband and children)
  8.  Comfortable, nice clean home
  9. Financial Security
  10. Fun & Relaxation (Yes, some would be surprised this made the list as it's the one that is overlooked most often - but it really is a priority for me)

Once I determined what my priorities were (that part did not take long but did need great consideration as I think it's the most important step), I needed to develop short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.  I started with LONG TERM- because you need an ultimate goal.  The medium term and short-term goals are what you do to reach the LONG TERM goals- so those need set in place first.  So this morning, I looked over those long-term goals and made a few minor adjustments.  For the most part though, they have not changed since October.


  1. Develop a union and closeness with God - keeping Him ever-present in my mind and heart, allowing Him to control ALL - Choosing to always be on His side.  In Orthodox language - staying on the path of Theosis and climbing the ladder of divine ascent.
  2. Have a strong lasting loving relationship with my husband that will focus on LOVE and RESPECT and one that can serve as a model to others.
  3. To have my children always know - without a shadow of a doubt- that I love them, to be a Christian model to them and someone they can depend on for strength, guidance and yes, even friendship.
  4. To feed myself and my family, REAL food as provided by God and provide a safe healthy environment to maintain all of our health.
  5. To educate my children to the best of my ability throughout their elementary, middle and high school years and prepare them for life, not just academically but especially by way of heart and soul.
  6. To write and publish several children's books and have a blog of several thousand followers (blushing a little here....wondering if I sound vain??).
  7. To engage in pleasant activities and communicate well and often with friends and family and also help them in whatever ways I can.
  8. To maintain a comfortable, orderly, clean and , yes, stress-free environment in our cozy well-maintained home (finding this current cozy little house in the woods is a great start to this goal!).
  9. To live within our means  and not only have a security net but also be able to help others in need.
  10. To enjoy life and remember to have fun and RELAX!  (this is actually the hardest one for me---  but I think my Stress Reduction and path of imperfect progress I have myself on will help achieve this goal!  But I may need a LOT of encouragement here- so please feel free to comment on these posts and offer words of wisdom and encouragement and your own tales of imperfect progress!


So that's my LONG TERM Goal list.  Now I need to look over that Medium-Term and Short-Term goal list-  I'll take the rest of this week to look over it.  In short, I need to come up with a list of medium term goals or steps that I need to achieve to accomplish those long-term goals.  It's about making a plan.  I can't establish that close relationship with God if I don't take the steps up the ladder to get there!  So my medium term goals and short-term goals will obviously include prayer and devotion time and other things that I can do to make sure I keep focused on God each day and each moment of my life.

Goal Setting
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Your Medium Term Goals are goals you can most likely achieve within the next 1-5 years while your short-term goals are the steps you'll be working on immediately and accomplish within the next few weeks up to one year. See my previous post on Goal Setting.

Remember- Resolutions don't need to be met 100%.  The idea of Resolutions is to have Goals- to establish a plan and make PROGRESS.   None of us are perfect.  We are human.  But we CAN MAKE PROGRESS!!


So what are your priorities?  Have you made a list a long-term goals based on those priorities recently?





So once again, I am faced with trying to make life easier.
Easier said than done, yes?

I have had deep resentment issues for years in regards to my ability to find time to write. I need to make it a priority. I need to make myself a priority. Easier said than done.

I have at least, forced myself in the last 6 weeks or so to exercise. This is an incredible feat for me. I do not exercise. At least I didn't. I started at a simple 8 minutes a day goal, 4-5x a week. I felt like it would kill me for sure! I'm up to about 20 minutes a day about 4x a week with one 30 minute day thrown in there. I use a stationary bike and a treadmill. I hate the bike. I like the treadmill. I also use a few weights here and there for my arms. I'd like to keep up with it. We'll see. Easier said than done.

BUT... I am motivated. For the first time in.... well, seriously, I think it is the first time! I think avoiding processed foods and cutting waaayyyyyyyy back on sugar has helped tremendously because for the first time ever I think I have the energy required to feel motivated. And I would love to be 'in shape'. And getting this 44 year old body that has never truly exercised in shape is , well, er..... easier said than done. So whether I keep up with this Paleo style life is yet to be seen but I do believe I feel good enough to resist the temptation to go back to as much processed foods as we did. And of course, we've stayed away from the truly artificial stuff for almost 8 years now.

Anyway, back to the original topic at hand. Writing.
A friend of mine, a writer friend, said just pick a time of day to just do it. Easier said than done. She seemed to think I could just choose nap time... lol. That time is exercise time and history time - I now read my son's history lesson outloud as a way for me to refresh my own knowledge of American History and to help him lessen the time it's been taking him to get his lessons done. So I'm not sure that will work. But I'm determined to figure something out. Maybe it just can't be every day. I can accept that. But I must set this as a priority. I must figure it out!!

Easier said than done, I know.