Well, it's pretty obvious to my faithful readers that I am not doing so well in keeping up with what used to be my goal of 5-6 posts per week.  It's been far from it.  I'm lucky if I have two.  🙁   Life just got a bit too overwhelming and balancing things became even more difficult. But things are getting better (I think).  So I'm setting new goals... trying to be more productive here and with my other writing but trying to be realistic too.  So I'm shooting for three.  I hope I can make it work.

Just to note: not all of my distractions are bad.... some of them are good - like doorbells ringing as I sit and try to post and then getting greeted by this!  wpid-img_20140513_154811_698.jpg

How sweet is that?!

I'm keeping, thus far, the same topics:  Orthodoxy, Writing, Reading & Books, Homeschooling and of course, more on the lines of our Food Story  and natural health related topics.  Of course, I'm sure I'll throw in some other miscellaneous topics from time to time as well.

I'd still like to switch over to WordPress.org but just have not had the time to figure out how to go about doing that.  I was going to go through a site that offers to do it for minimum cost but never seem to even figure that out so......  for now, I'm still here.

In the meantime, I have read a few posts about setting goals and making a schedule to help me figure out what I want to accomplish.  Here's a few sources if  you want to read more on it for yourself:

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Thank you to my faithful readers for standing by me as my posts dwindled.  Thank you to my commenters because, really and truly, your comments inspire me to do more and help keep the motivation!  And thank you to all the bloggers that motivate me too!  I love reading your posts - though I haven't done as much of that as I'd like lately either - but know that I still love your blogs and pray you keep it up!  🙂

Now..... onto posting this first of hopefully 3 posts for this week!  Pray it continues!

Blessings to you all!







I started this blog on March 17, 2012 with the post 'Hello World!'  which was really just some common post by WordPress.  My first actual post was simply titledTime To Begin Again and the second post, dated the same day, was Introduction. Both of those posts were extremely brief and didn't have a whole lot of material. It was really just my first feeble attempt at starting to write again.  It didn't amount to much at first but....   That was almost twenty-one months ago!!  Of course, I didn't start writing consistently until about 7 weeks ago...so I would still call the blog fairly young(105 posts today) but I am enjoying it.  I hope you are as well.

I seem to be settling into a routine.

Monday-  Homeschooling

Tuesday - Our Food Story -  natural health and eating

Wednesday- Books

Thursday - Orthodoxy

Friday - Writing

Saturday - Random Quotes/Posts and Random Thoughts on a Saturday

Sunday - well, that would be my day of rest...no posts.      

I've also learned a few things....like how to put in links which I love to do...and finally how to put a picture to the right or left side and have words right next to it....so simple but I'm so slow!  (Yes, I am laughing at myself so you can too--- and now...laugh more...because it doesn't always work and I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!!)

When I have time, I read posts from the blogs I follow.  I'd love to read them all every day but................ well, you know.   I have, however,  learned a lot from them!  I like to see other people's writing styles, the topics they write about, and even what other people say in response to their post!

It's exciting to see my followers increase in number and to see which posts get the most views.  My record is 73 views in a day...  that's probably not much for some of those well-known blogs out there but to me that's a big deal and I'm enjoying it.  The posts that have had the biggest number of hits are #1  Our Food Story  and #2 Those People Who Always Smile.  I'm glad people are interested in Our Food Story because that's one of the main reasons I started blogging.  A LOT of people have encouraged me (A big thank you to those people - you know who you are) over the last few years to start telling people our story...how our lives have changed because of food ...and to tell others what we have learned and accomplished in doing so and to just start writing again!!!  As far as Those People Who Always Smile, I'm thinking it must be the catchy title... and I'm also thinking I should do a follow-up to that post...I've had so many other thoughts about it since the day I originally published it!

I LOVE getting comments!!!!                  So please---  if you have a thought--- share it!  🙂

I feel satisfied with the way things are going here...but am open to ideas on improving the blog as well.  I've thought about changing the title...but no AMAZING titles have jumped out at me and said "Yes!  This is what it should be!"....  I guess it's hard to name because I don't just stick to one topic ( I am a gal of many many hats!).  I've said before I know I cover a lot of stuff here rather than just one topic that most of the popular blogs cover...but that's me...  I am passionate about a lot of things and so I'm going to write about a lot of things!  🙂

But if YOU have any ideas..... please pass them along.

Maybe you have an idea for some future posts on the topics I mentioned above...or maybe you have a question.... or maybe even a suggestion on a new title if I ever get around to changing it one day...could be soon...might not ever happen. Maybe you have an idea for a picture book too...lol...don't tell me though if you think you might want to write it yourself!!    And, if you have a suggestion on how I can just blog and write all day long and still get other things done....lol....then you're amazing and I need to know what that suggestion is!!!

Have a great day everyone!!  I hope you get some writing time today if that's what you enjoy---  I really hope I do too!!