Wrapping It Up:  September

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I've been able to get a few extra  stolen moments downstairs in my "office" to try to get out a few posts this month.  I  would love to say this is my new habit but I have no idea what each day or week to come will hold for me so I'm just taking it one day at a time....and hoping for the best- whatever that may be.

My Writing World

It's been sparse but it has occurred, at least in my blogging world.  I haven't touched a manuscript, though they still linger in the back of my mind.  I haven't conversed with any of my writing critique friends either and that does weigh heavily on my mind.  But I'm ...continue reading "September Wrap Up"

Prayer is the elevation of the mind and the heart to God in praise, in thanksgiving, and in petition for the spiritual and material goods we need.  Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to enter into our inner room and there pray to God the Father in secret. This inner room means the heart, the core of our being.  

~ excerpt from Orthodoxprayer.org

We attempt to always start our day, usually after breakfast, by saying morning prayers together as a family.  Not always does this happen, but I am glad that it does more often than it does not.

My favorite prayer in the morning, called the Prayer for the Beginning of the Day, always makes me think about the people and events God puts into our lives and how by looking at these people and events and  remembering that there is a purpose for those encounters can completely change how we perceive whatever happens to us in the course of a day (or week, or year or our lives)  and can be a blessing to us rather than the curse we sometimes choose to see it as.

The prayer goes like this:

O Lord, grant that we may meet the coming day in peace.
 Help us in all things to rely upon Your holy will.
  In each hour of the day, reveal Your will to us.
  Bless our dealings with all who surround us.
  Teach us to treat all that shall come to us throughout the day with peace of soul, and with the firm conviction that Your will governs all.
In all our deeds and words, guide our thoughts and feelings.
In unforeseen events, let us not forget that all are sent by You.
Teach us to act firmly and wisely, without embittering and embarrassing others. Give us the strength to bear the fatigue of the coming day, with all that it shall bring.
Direct our wills.
Teach us to pray.
Pray within us. Amen

So I start the day asking God to help me to rely on His holy will....not my own will which I am guilty of wanting so very often.  I ask Him to bless my dealings with all around me and to treat others with kindness.  I ask Him to guide my thoughts....don't let them stray God! And my feelings too...that I may feel love and forgiveness rather than disdain and bitterness.  And I ask Him, especially focusing on this part of the prayer...that in those unforseen times and events...those things I hadn't planned on or that disrupt my human will and desires...to please not let me forget that it is sent by Him... and he gives me the power to choose wisely.  I do NOT need to become unglued when something challenges my day or the way I think things ought to go or even when someone treats me unkindly.  I can choose to remember that He is there even in this 'mess' that I am dealt with and He gives me the choice to act firmly and wisely without embittering or embarrassing others (or myself!).  I ask Him for strength to bear the fatigue that the day brings to me and always, ALWAYS, ask Him to teach me to pray...as I know I should be striving for unceasing prayer each and every day.

In this prayer I am sure that I am praying for God's will...not my own.  I am praying that He will not stray from my thoughts and heart throughout the day.  I am asking that He stay close to me through all tasks and encounters with others.  I am praying that through everything that comes my way, I remember that it is an opportunity to practice His will...to keep Him always present within me.

I pray also that you are able to greet this coming day in peace and that you are able, in all things, to rely upon His holy will!

May God Bless You!