The road to health isn't always easy.

Of course, is anything ever REALLY easy?  Nothing worthwhile that I can think of.  Even our relationship with God isn't easy.  He's ALWAYS there.  But it really is up to us to keep that relationship going.  We have to commit the time to prayer and worship.  And that isn't always easy in this day and age, is it?  But it's definitely worth it!

And health is worth it.  It affects absolutely every breath you take.

So my health saga continues.

I'm so grateful to learn what I did all those years ago when seeking to find a natural treatment for ADHD for my son and discovering a way to reverse bipolar and other issues among my immediate family members by eliminating MSG, other neurotoxins and other artificial ingredients from our Standard American Diet.  (To see more about this you can read my post on Our Food Story)

But even that doesn't erase all the impact of a childhood of surgeries, antibiotics, emotional traumas, and stresses and toxins from my body.  Maintaining a mostly paleo diet over recent years has certainly contributed to being healthier than I could be but there still seems to be something amiss. 

But what?

What's causing the adrenal issues, sleep issues, the anxiety, the digestive issues and the pain?  I could go on , but those are the primary symptoms without going into detail, because who wants bored with details?

Well, between countless books and other sources of research I've been reading,  medically educated friends, health coaches, homeopaths, chiropractors and the like, it would seem to point to fibromyalgia or some other type of autoimmune disease.  And there's certainly a lot of causes for autoimmune disease and seemingly, almost as many ways to address it.

But you know me....   I know my pain is not due to a deficiency  in pain medication.  I want to seek the root cause not just mask symptoms.  I want to reverse the issues, not just cover them up for short term.  So once again, I seek natural treatment.

And of course, I did do a lot of reading and studying and consulting over what avenue to take.  This time I'm selecting the AIP route.  It's the autoimmune protocol which is a paleo sort of approach but also cuts out an abundance of other inflammatory foods that are known to cause those with autoimmune disease problems-  foods such as eggs, nightshades, nuts and seeds, coffee (, sugar, etc.

I also didn't just choose any AIP program.  I'm going with the Autoimmune Solution program by Dr. Amy Myers....  hers is more of a whole life approach and doesn't just focus on dietary stuff which a lot of the AIP programs seems to do.  So I'll be taking a look at supplements again, other toxins in my home, detoxing, getting that last mercury filling out, etc.

I'm hopeful.  Sometimes.  Honestly, with the pain as debilitating as it is right now-  the burning sensations and constant ache-  I'm almost willing to do anything that I don't believe is just more toxic overload- but it does get to be overwhelming and depressing and sometimes I do lose that hope.  But I do still have some and I hold onto that.  I keep telling myself if I can reverse bipolar, surely I can do this.

Hopefully I can share my journey here a bit more and lean on the blog as one of my outlets.  And maybe, one I figure out a bit more about what works and what doesn't, I can share with you, my dear readers, and give someone else a bit of hope too!

Best wishes that you have a wonderful day.   God bless.


"It has been said that time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens, but it is never gone."
~ Rose Kennedy

I have to agree with Rose on this one.  While I often have referred to forgiveness in my posts with different quotes and my posts on Orthodoxy, I don't think forgiveness necessarily means you lose the scar tissue.  There are pains in life one never forgets.  It sticks with you like a thistle sticks to your socks, like the clutching hold of a drowning man, like a tick embedded in your skin....

You do need to forgive - not necessarily for the sake of the person that has offended you but for your own soul and your ability to live a peaceful life.  That doesn't mean you'll forget the pain or that it won't affect you in any way.  You don't need to have an ongoing relationship with someone who causes you immense pain.  You don't need to submit yourself to more pain and certainly not abuse.  You do need to forgive, pray for them, and let go of the anger that lives down inside erupting into unexpected blows that erupt like Mt. St. Helen's.

And yet even with forgiveness, the pain can still linger....  but I think we can put it to good use.  We must recognize where the pain comes from.  While we work on forgiveness, we must also recognize 'what has this event or circumstance done to us? What has the pain caused?'  A person who is overly sensitive because of traumatic events in childhood can use that sensitivity to be empathetic to others who are sensitive as well or have lived through similar ordeals.

What qualities do YOU have that are a result of past pain? Though that pain may truly never cease to exist, how can YOU use it for good - allowing the pain to subside and be put to good use?

Random Thoughts On A Saturday:

  • We had a wonderful time at the 77th 2014 Novogodny Ball held at the Crown Plaza in New Jersey this past weekend.... here's a video clip from the 2013 Ball that I found on You Tube:
  • Writing is my passion.  So is chocolate...but writing is a bit healthier.
  • While listening to her toddler make rhyming words is incredibly delightful and I can truly find amazement in his ability to do so, the fact that the rhyming words are nonsense words and he does it all day long can drive a mamma wild.  LOL
  • I am grateful to the people that love my family and make our days brighter by the gift of their time to help us.
  • It's important to do things for yourself.  Make yourself a priority.  That doesn't mean to forget the other priorities in your life, but don't forget to include yourself in them.