Time flies when you are having fun!

Well, okay, maybe it hasn't all been fun....in fact, it HASN'T been....  but on the homeschooling front, things are going pretty smooth.  But the thing is, that doesn't mean we are doing ALL of our lessons on ALL of our "school days" or that we've completed some textbook or that he writes 'perfectly' or that we spend every morning in prayer and devotion.

Things are going pretty smooth means I have changed my attitude on what 'school' needs to be, what learning is and it means that learning IS happening!

We saw one of the last circus performances. This was the first time I ever witnessed any 'shyness' in my son. It was actually good to see!
What's he doing you ask? Selling water of course! For FREE! HAHAHA!!!! Gotta love this kid! Oh, yes, of course I 'bought' some!

Here's a 'photo shoot' of some learning that has taken place over the last couple of weeks:




A lovely discovery outside while playing at a friend's house!
We helped a neighbor care for her chickens last fall. This spring we get to watch the new chicks as they grow!
This was the youngest boy's first trip to Niagara Falls and another country! We had a good time up in Niagara, Toronto, and nearby areas.