Book Title: The Casual Observer

Author: Elizabeth Whitson

Illustrator: Elizabeth Whitson

Genre: Picture Book

Publisher: C.R. Gibson Company (1973)

  • ISBN-10: 0837880017
  • ISBN-13: 978-0837880013

Pages: 28

Age: 4-10

Why Did I Choose It? This picture book was, indeed, one of my very favorites as a child. While it's out of print and hard to find, it is occasionally found on Amazon or Ebay - and I believe every child's private library should contain a copy! I did not keep many picture books from my childhood but this is one that I did.  It's language and imagery are spectacular.

A Bit From The First Page: The Casual Observer simply turned up one day from Nowhere in Particular.  From precisely where, the creatures in the wood never discovered.  Many of them had enjoyed summer vacations at Someplace or Other; a few had spent Christmas with their grandmothers at Hither and Yon; but not one had ever heard of Nowhere in Particular.  Hattie Raccoon's world atlas was not help at all...

My Review: I found this story delightful a child and still find it charming as a homeschool mom, especially one embarking on the nature adventures in a Charlotte Mason homeschool setting.  Who wouldn't find this tale of the  little girl in a sunbonnet charming? There she appears in the garden out of "Nowhere in Particular", quite astounding  to the creatures living in the wood, making them all rather curious about what she is doing there. She does not speak. She stands above a small clump of violets, staring intently.  The animals perform a number of silly antics to attract her attention - but the quiet child in the sunbonnet pays them no mind and won't  be sidetracked from her observations.  Later, we, the reader and the adorable creatures do find out exactly who she is and what she is doing - teaching us an important lesson of casual, albeit finely detailed, observation.  The language is magnificent, greatly reminding me of the wording used by a favorite child's author of mine,  A.A. Milne.

Wouldn't you love to be more like the girl in the sunbonnet?  Keeping your focus on God's creation and not so easily distracted by the frenzy around us?  Oh but to have that realization that there is so much more to see and observe in our natural world than the obvious things that meet the eye! I hope to endear this habit onto my young son. I shall start by reading him this precious story.

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Read this book and share with me your own thoughts!

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