This quote really struck me today.  There is so much truth in this.  SO MUCH TRUTH!

I had some extra time this morning and just thought I'd share a few things of what's been happening in the life of this Orthodox Mom.

Well, maybe it's not so much as extra time as time I carved out while the rest of the morning rests in chaos around me.

Well maybe it's not so much chaos as just not what I planned.

I tend to look at things that way.  If it's not what I planned I go into chaos mode.  Can anyone relate?

So I'm going grocery shopping on my own again this morning. Anyone else dislike grocery shopping?  It's not so much that it's a terrible task; but they are remodeling the store and it's a mess right now and I kind of got used to my husband going with me but that routine has been lost for some time now and while I enjoy the alone time there are so many other things I'd rather be doing during alone time than grocery shopping.

Of course, the chimney sweep guy is here and has disrupted my schedule and he's still working on the upstairs pellet stove and hasn't even gotten downstairs to the big pellet furnace, so I may not get to do the shopping today.... hmmmm.....

There's so much going on that this post will probably be a big rambling mumbo jumbo kind of post but maybe we just need to do that sometimes.

I have two graduations coming up soon-  no , not my own but if feels that way.  My daughter is graduating from college and my son is graduating from high school.  He's essentially done other than a few lose strings so I really should get around to making sure that diploma gets ordered.  It's amazing how time flies.  And then we have our youngest who is???  Technically, according to age and public school junk, would be labeled first grade but I don't really call him anything according to grade level because we just don't do things accordingly to that.  What does grade level really mean?  It's just a label for public schools because they do things a certain way for all kids regardless of their needs or interests.  I don't go by that.

I have an appointment this afternoon with a new practitioner - new to me anyway- she has a practice right here in Williamsport PA that I didn't know about and offers quite a selection of 'unconventional' testing including the ALCAT food sensitivity testing I just had done.  I'm awaiting those results with anticipation and dread.  Solving  my health issues is a BIG priority as it relates to EVERYTHING in my life  but I dread the results that will tell me to give up foods I love or make my life more difficult with food prep, especially when it impacts our ability to travel or go and do things we love to do.  My heart is already heavy this week as we are unable to go somewhere that is a yearly family event for us simply because of food.  And the lack of understanding from others of how difficult that is is also disheartening.  It's not a choice.  It's not something we WANT.  It just is.

I'm trying to get back into the mode of homeschooling too.  Everything was going smoothly and then Holy Week came which, naturally and in a good way, causes disruption, but then I had a downslide with the fatigue and pain and really didn't get back into this past week either.  Except for one lesson with nutrition (it's time to start teaching him why we eat the way we do and I'm using Food Renegade's nutrition book for young kids as my guide to get started) and we finally finished the second Life of Fred book- which he absolutely LOVES!  He and Dad went for a walk in the park yesterday as well and looked at some plants and seeds so I guess he got some science/nature study in as well.  And Free Play is wonderful.  We parents of school aged kids tend to forget how important that is and that a day of play really is education and learning.  So I need not feel guilty for lack of planned learning activities, but should relax and rejoice in our freedom to learn as is appropriate.

I'm trying to reorganize my day to day plans....how I go about my plans in a more relaxed but organized in a simplistic manner so to speak.  I'm eyeing up some books on simplicity, organization and getting things done but am hesitant because I don't want to buy a book and feel like I HAVE to do it exactly the way they say it should be done.  Does that make sense?  Am I the only soul in this world that can buy a book to make life more simple only to make it more difficult?

Anyway, I have my schedule of the things that have to get done.  And I have my list of 7 projects to work on when time allows.... but it's simplified.  I only write a small step of what the next thing to that project needs to be.  It's a new approach I'm trying.  So instead of writing "Clean Closet", the next step is simply to make sure I have all the clothes off the floor.  Once that's accomplished, I can plan the next step for the project.  I'm much more likely to go get the clothes off the floor then clean the whole thing.  That my friends, is the beginning of stopping procrastination.   Or so I hope.

Another example is my kitchen.  I keep wanting to reorganize and declutter  the whole thing.  Well writing Kitchen Reorganization of my list of things to do has been ignored for months.  But when I write "Clean out papers from junk basket", it's more likely to get done because it's a focus of just one thing.  And note, I didn't say clean out the whole basket (thought it did eventually happen), but just the papers.  One small step, but so gratifying when you can cross it off the list.

I'm trying to figure out where I want to go with my Lemongrass Spa business and this blog.  I'd really like to at least make enough with the LGS business to pay for my own products and maybe at least pay for the occasional book or clothing purchase and feel like I'm bringing something in to help my overworked and overstressed husband.

And I'd love to make a bigger impact on my readers and get more interaction here at the blog.  I've worked on some changes already and obviously, working on being more consistent with the posts.  It's a work in progress and I enjoy it.  I wish I had time to write everyday but-  well, you know 😉

Well, I guess that's all for my musings and ramblings today---  time to work on the ever growing laundry pile and that to do list!

I'd love to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on the blog these days and what is going on in YOUR life?