I'm NOT a morning person.

My kids seem to think I am.  This is simply because I am usually up in the morning.  That doesn't make me a morning person. It just makes me what I am  - a mother who has a whole lot to get done in a day.  But mornings are never easy. They have no clue how I loathe getting out of bed and how tempting it is to hit that snooze button (and how often I actually do).

Yep, this photo from Pixabay represents my early mornings....sleepy, cranky and not all that happy.
Yep, this photo from Pixabay represents my early mornings....sleepy, cranky and not all that happy.

However, I find that to keep my stress levels down - I need to get up in the wee hours of the day and be as productive with those first few hours as I can.  It seems to set the rest of the day in motion and is sometimes the only time I have to do certain things...like work on this blog, make a Facebook post, bible and devotion time, a load of clothes, etc.  I tried getting up at 5:00 or 5:30 for a while.  That became unrealistic.  I need 7 hours of sleep which means I had to be asleep by ten.  That's just not always possible for me with my late night kids and husband...  so.  While I might occasionally strive for the 5:00 rising, 6:00 or 6:30  is my current alarm time.

I've run into quite a few articles about being a morning person over the last few days.  My favorite was another Michael Hyatt post titled How to Become a Morning Person in which Michael says you can learn to become a morning person and listed a number of steps to take to enhance your ability to become one.  I already follow a number of them (use an alarm, determine the reason, drink coffee... well, sometimes I drink coffee, sometimes I drink tea.  But there are several he mentioned that I don't do at all or at least I don't do consistently such as:  set out your clothes, change your story ( if you say you're not a morning person, you won't be), and enlist an accountability partner.  You can read the rest of his post (see link above) to read the rest.

The post got me thinking.... maybe there's more I can do to make my mornings successful.

I found several great posts including a pretty good one from Wikihow.com!

How To Be a Morning Person

How to Become a Morning Person

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http://www.flylady.net/d/br/2011/08/15/peaceful-morning-routine/hoto by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

I have a few favorite thoughts on how to become a morning person that I'll share with you here.  Some of them I already do , others I'm going to attempt!

  • Believe (or at least create a new thought pattern) that you ARE a morning person.  If you say you are not, you won't be.  If you tell yourself you are, the chances increase!
  • Sleep Well!!  That means get to bed at a decent hour (no, midnight is NOT decent....sorry) and cover all those good guidelines for healthy sleep - no screen time for an hour before bed, lights off (even a lot of alarm clocks are too bright!), and schedule your bedtime and awake time to get in the right amount of sleep- you know what you need.  If you need 8 hours, schedule eight.  If you only need 7 and want to get up by 6:00, you must have lights out and be in bed by eleven!
  • Enlist an accountability partner.  I like this idea.  If you have someone that understands the importance of you getting up by a certain time in the morning and they share that goal- you can call each other or keep tabs somehow to ensure you help each other in this goal.  My husband works night shift and doesn't want to be a morning person, so..... this one won't work for me.  But I still think it's a great one and wanted to share it.
  • Drink coffee or tea with caffeine.  Only you know if your body can handle the caffeine, but if it does, drinking it in the morning may help.
Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay
  • Plan Ahead & BE READY TO GO - have a list of what you need to accomplish and have the things ready that you will need to make the morning successful.  If you want to go to the gym, have your bag ready to go.  If you want to exercise at home, have the materials you need ready to go.  Have the coffee on the counter.  Have a healthy breakfast planned.  Have your writing materials next to the computer.  Whatever it is you plan on doing in the morning, make sure your materials are ready to go.
  • Do things first that keep your mind alert and won't let you get sleepy.  I added this one myself.  When I was attempting the 5:00 wakings I was coming downstairs and trying to read the bible or a devotional.  It didn't work.  I was too sleepy.  It took me forever to get through and then I wasn't feeling drawn in to His word and wasn't productive.  I find I need to at least do a few other productive things first (wash my face, unload the dishwasher, feed the dog) and then I might be able to do the quiet devotion time with my hot cup of coffee or tea in hand. 🙂
  • No Distractions!  If I look at my phone before I get my morning routine list done, I'm doomed.  Chances are I'm going to look over Facebook or get caught up in email or reading other blog posts....  so I'm making a new rule that after I post my morning quote ( I always post a prayer, bible quote or quote from a saint on Facebook each morning) I will turn off Facebook, my phone, etc. until the moring routine list is complete.  And that's the next thing....
  • Morning Routine List -  I got this from back in my Fly Lady Days.  Yes, I use to follow Fly Lady. It drove my husband and kids nuts.  🙁   But it really did help.  It got to be a bit overwhelming though and I strayed away.  I still keep a lot of the things I learned there though and the morning routine is one of those. I really do not do well if I don't do my morning routine.  Here's a post about creating a peaceful morning routine on Flylady.
  • Reward Yourself!  What a great idea!  Besides that inner satisfaction of accomplishing those morning tasks, why not let yourself have a reward for actually getting up in time?  Maybe it's that cup of coffee with a little extra sugar?  Maybe a piece of chocolate? Hmmm..... I'm still thinking on this one. What would be a good reward to help crawling out of my warm cozy bed worth it?  (If you think of one, tell me now!!! )

Do you have any favorite tips on how to be a morning person?