Welcome to 2018.

I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last post! Things have certainly been topsy turvy in this household!

It feels as though I'm always reevaluating my writing 'career' - wondering if it will ever be what I'd like it to be and whether it's even worth pursuing.  I'm so often to the point of 'giving up' but that hope, that dream, that 'maybe someday' voice inside keeps me from pulling the plug.

The past few months I've been focused on health - that of my son (he was severely injured in an automobile accident but is fully recovering AND getting married in just a couple of weeks) and my own.

I've written previously about the adrenal fatigue, mthfr, autoimmune disorders, etc.  Well I definitely had/have adrenal fatigue and the mthfr certainly makes things harder to treat.  The autoimmune is questionable but I'm definitely on the spectrum even without a definitive diagnosis.  However, now I know a bit more about the culprit behind the fatigue and illness.


Chronic Lyme.

And several coinfections that work together to deplete the immune system and health of my body.

But now I have answers to what ails me and now I have taken hold of the need to change my mindset and health.  I know have a 'label' and several plans of actions underway to address the issues/labels  (there's many) and develop a mindset of positivity and survival.  I refuse to let this take over and destroy all quality of life.

I'm developing a better mindset and doing all kinds of things to keep it open and improving.  Things like simplifying life, affirmations, focusing on gratitude and changing and developing better habits.

So bear with me as I strive to keep up the blog and not give up on the writing dream all together.  I can't promise when the next post will be or what it will entail.  Maybe one tomorrow- maybe in another three months.  But do know-  I'm here...hanging around behind the screen somewhere.  And I'll be back.


Until then...keep an open mindest with me 😉


Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.