Have you ever had that perfect week?  You know , the perfect week where you get up on Monday and the kids are happy, smiling, obeying, and are really excited to do school?  And everything you planned goes smoothly and you have lots of extra time to get other things done in the afternoon and then ALL of the days in the week go exactly that same way??


Me neither.

And it's been so frustrating.  There's always appointments, grocery shopping, aches and pains and 4 hour sleep nights that leave you moving slower than molasses in January and it's everything you can do just to make breakfast and not forget what you are doing and keep your sanity somewhat intact.

So at least for the time being, I've adopted the 5 day plan.  It beats the frustration of planning my Monday through Friday schedule and missing Tuesday and Wednesday  and not knowing how to make up for the lost time on Thursday and Friday.

We start on Day One.  And the next day, that we have 'school' is day two, whether it's the following day, three days later or a week later.

Here's my plan-  which STILL needs modifications.  you'll notice I completely forgot to write American History on the schedule.  So I'll need to add that to my computer copy and print it out again soon.


I actually haven't gotten through the whole cycle yet.  Day 4 is next.  We had co-op this week- an 8 week co-op on nature studies.  We are loving it but on co-op day we don't do our normal academics. My husband and I were also gone for a day and a half to see the talented Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Pittsburgh, so there was no school to be held those days.

If you use a Charlotte Mason method, is your schedule similar?

Does anyone else use a 5 day cycle/looping?









2016-05-14 21.32.04There are days I am completely at rest with my plans and style of homeschooling.  AND there are days I am ....well.... a normal mom who panics and worries and stresses that I can't possibly do it all.

And those are the days I'm most grateful for Sarah Mackenzie's book, Teaching From Rest.  Sarah really talks sense when she points out to us moms that we are not meant to do it all!  All we can really do is give it our best and TRUST IN GOD to do the rest.  If Jesus can feed the thousand with a little fish and bread, then I guess I can do right by my children by giving all that I can and trusting that God will do the rest.

So this summer, I am trying to move into a 'school year round' mode while also staying mindful of my new 'Teaching From Rest' mindset...and trying to catch up on those things that haven't gotten accomplished since moving to our newest home (almost two years ago)...you know, like the garage, basement, and yes, my  'office area' - of which I am proud to say I am typing in right now.....  yes, there are still piles off to my right which need sorted, but the desk is clear and functioning!  WOOT!!!

But while I spent time modifying our morning time routine and school schedule to be shorter for summer days, I haven't exactly kept up with it but for a few days here and there   -  meshed in with cleaning, organizing, errands and all those other things that interrupt our school day.  BUT.  I am at rest.  (Well, mostly....there's a little agitation that surfaces from time to time, I admit.)  Here's my updated schedules, if you are interested.  I'm using Looping a lot now... it's definitely putting more rest in our school plan!

Summer 2016 Rotation Schedule
Summer 2016 Rotation Schedule & Morning Time Plan

2016-06-16 11.29.35

I'm really enjoying our Memory Work time, as does my son.  And for Literature right now, our selection is the first of The Boxcar Children.  I know there's a whole series of that one now, but doubt I'll read any more than the first.  There's so much good literature out there.  I've heard the rest are not as good - so if he's really interested, I'll just let him use them for his own reading pleasure, rather than using them as our read alouds.

We are starting to use the Orthodox Study Bible to do the assigned daily readings and using his bible reader more as a reader for him for reading practice when we aren't using his nature readers (which by the way, has a great chapter on...... worms!)

For nature study right now, we are doing worms!  We have the farm which we observe on an almost daily basis and several books checked out of the library on earthworms.  Who would have guessed learning about worms could actually be interesting?  Just yesterday we learned that inchworms are not actually worms at all.  Who would have thought those tiny little green 'worms' turn into moths?

History for this summer and upcoming school year will be a mixture of Ancient History and American History and geography will be based on that.  Although I did purchase this to help us along:

I doubt we'll get far this summer, but who knows?  My main goal is to introduce the concept that school or education does happen year round, on a daily basis- whether we sit for a whole hour or two of lessons or not.  And to ENJOY learning- of course!!!  And, to achieve what Sarah Mackenzie set out to help us all do with her book -  RESTFUL TEACHING!

What are you doing this summer in your homeschool?