So I'm sitting here biting my lips.... a horrible habit of mine.  It's stress I suppose.....  though sometimes I just do it whether I'm consciously aware of stress or not... and I'm not usually aware that I'm biting until it's called to my attention by my dear husband or children.  Sigh.

I'm reading comments about this letter and reading more sources on how to write a good query letter.  I'm also trying to print out those sources but apparently my computer and printer had a fight and aren't speaking.  🙁   They let me print out the comments from SCBWI and 12 x 12 but won't let me print the blog posts I just found on The Query Letter by Kathy Temean.  I like to have certain things printed out so I can more easily spread these things out in front of me and go back and forth as I use things as references....   I suppose that's what all the windows are for on the computer, right?  Yeah, well, as much as I blog here, I am still what they call technology challenged.  I can not seem to manage going back and forth between windows.  🙁   Plus, the internet seems extra slow today....probably due to the weather here.

Ah well......  I shall persevere.  My silent writing time will probably end soon so I shall make this post brief....include a link to that wonderful source on writing query letters above (it's a site someone recommended on 12 X 12 and is actually her first of several posts on the topic) and attempt once more to edit and rewrite this letter!  Someone pray for me....oh, and send chocolate....  😉