PiBoIdMo is over.     🙁

But I am soooo glad I discovered it at just the right time!!

It was an awesome month!

PiBoIdMo, as I stated at the beginning of November, is Picture Book Idea Month.  PiBoIdMo challanges the children's writer to come up with 30 picture book ideas.  I took on the challange and ran with it!

Not only did I have  38  ideas by November 30th but I was once again a member of SCBWI and I also had 2 complete manuscripts...still in rough draft form and I have no idea where to send them off to when I feel they are finished but, hey, that's a LOT more than I had over a month ago!!!   🙂

I'm also trying to find some critique partners.  I had three people take a look at one manuscript which was in a very rough form and it helped me refine the idea and get it headed in a better direction. My husband also bought me the 2014 Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators Guide so I can start getting a handle on what publishers are looking for in manuscripts these days.

I'm really excited to be writing again!  Can you tell?

Anyone else out there do PiBoIdMo?  How did you do?