I don't have much of a post today....but wanted to let my homeschool readers know of a good sale over at HEDUA.

But as I'm posting about a sale during the beginning of this holiday season, let me ask-

How many of you shop on Black Friday?  Do any of you have your Christmas shopping done?  Every year I tell my husband, "Next year, let's get it all done BEFORE Thanksgiving.... so we can really REALLY enjoy the advent/nativity season."  And every year I sit here the week of Thanksgiving realizing I haven't gotten it all done.  AGAIN.

I love the holidays.  I love Christmas.  I love giving presents.  I just don't like the cramming it all in and the stressed involved in those last-minute decisions and last-minute shopping with all those people out there that seem to forget what it's all about.

What, if anything, do YOU do to relieve the pressures and hassles of the season and keep the focus on what it's really all about?