I don't have much of a post today....but wanted to let my homeschool readers know of a good sale over at HEDUA.

But as I'm posting about a sale during the beginning of this holiday season, let me ask-

How many of you shop on Black Friday?  Do any of you have your Christmas shopping done?  Every year I tell my husband, "Next year, let's get it all done BEFORE Thanksgiving.... so we can really REALLY enjoy the advent/nativity season."  And every year I sit here the week of Thanksgiving realizing I haven't gotten it all done.  AGAIN.

I love the holidays.  I love Christmas.  I love giving presents.  I just don't like the cramming it all in and the stressed involved in those last-minute decisions and last-minute shopping with all those people out there that seem to forget what it's all about.

What, if anything, do YOU do to relieve the pressures and hassles of the season and keep the focus on what it's really all about?



I've decided to set a goal that each month I review at least one, if not more, items or resources I have used related to homeschooling.  And for this month, I am meeting that goal today!

When I recently moved my blog to wordpress.org, part of the reason was to enable myself to use affiliates to offset the cost of blogging and see if, someday, I could once again add to our family's finances.  I've started small..... Amazon affiliates and.....  hmm???  I really wasn't sure who or what else to start with.  So I looked around my desk area.  I want to be sure that I ONLY EVER advertise or becomes affiliates with products/people I truly believe in and have used.  Right beside me lays open my daily (homeschool) planner as well as my new blog planner - both of which have been published by HEDUA.

HEDUA is the Home Educating Family Association and puts out a variety of materials for the homeschool family including the Well Planned Day Planner, magazines for the family and teen, software and more.  In addition to the Well Planned Day Planner, I've recently been using  My Blog Planner - the most recent addition to their collection of planners offered.

I like my Well Planned Day Planner because not only does it provide me my basic monthly lay out sheets for planning, space for notes, budget sheet, etc.,  it is specifically geared for Christian homeschooling in that there is space to create a daily school schedule for up to four students, forms for student and teacher schedules, field trips, attendance, other varieties of forms,  weekly catechism questions, and intermittent articles on homeschooling to peruse throughout the year.

The second source I wish to tell you about today is the wide selection of books and related items offered by The Busy Mom!

I first heard about Heidi St. John at the CHAP Homeschool conference.  I listened to this sweet woman talk about marriage and homeschooling and bought her book, The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance.  It's a simple, easy read filled with good information to help keep the romance alive in any marriage, but of course, speaks directly to homeschoolers.  Remember, the materials we buy for homeschooling does not always have to be just for the kids! You can buy this book and other materials here: (or drop by to follow Heidi's blog - always full of great tips!)

Treat yourself to a Busy Mom resource today!

I'll be sure to add more resources as the months go along....  if you haven't already read past posts, you may find these resource 'reviews' helpful:

The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists

Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons -  I've written several posts on this.  I've not written up a complete review as I haven't finished using it yet - but I believe this is an excellent source for teaching reading!  Here's part two and the last update I wrote.

Donnayoung.org -  This is a great website that I wrote about back in March.

I hope these resources will ease your homeschooling days!

What's YOUR favorite homeschool resource?