Shannon Abercrombie's Start The Year Off Write Challenge came to an 'end' last Saturday, January 25th. The challenge consisted of 21 prompts or writing exercises to kick-start the new year of writing for children's writers, though many of the prompts could be used by students and adults of other genres as well. Shannon is offering prizes to the participants but those have not been announced yet.

I completed each of the 21 prompts. Some took more time than others. A few were definitely more difficult than others and some left me feeling much more satisfied and full

I wrote my prompt assignments out in here...along with a couple new 'ideas' for January....
I wrote my prompt assignments out in here...along with a couple new 'ideas' for January....

of ideas than others. But all were wonderful exercises for the writing mind!  If you haven't participated and want to see what all the fuss was about, Shannon has a list of the lovely talents involved along with links to their websites and prompts on her webpage!  Check them out here.

I loved that some of them gave me further ideas to develop the ideas I had during PiBoIdMo! I took one of them and developed it into a manuscript - albeit in VERY rough draft form! (I can actually thank Tara Lazar for that particular idea from prompt #8 ~ Title Talk~!)

So now what??

Well, now that the 21 day challenge is over I'll be spending more time with Ann Whitford Paul within the pages of her book on Writing Picture Books and on the forums over at 12 x 12! I am also hoping that a critique group that I signed up for might begin as I'm really itching for some feedback on a manuscript I'm working on about my patron saint.  I'm also looking forward to a little self-writer's- retreat that my husband is giving me -  a couple of days away so I can just totally catch up on some reading and writing without the daily interruptions of life - might try to catch up on some sleep too!  But I'm really looking forward to uninterrupted writing time 🙂

Tell me - what are my other writer friends up to these days?? How are you keeping going after the challenge?