My biggest distraction from writing  is, of course, my toddler(BUT I LOVE HIM SO DEARLY!!).  The obvious thing to do would be to write while he 'naps'.  Of course, he doesn't nap.  But he does play inside his Discovery Toys tent that I bought at a yard sale for $2! And he does this for about an hour or more a day.  However, this is the time my older son and I do history together and I usually have some other things to do during this uninterrupted time.

I'm not a fan of sitting down the child in front of the TV to keep them busy.  He does watch some TV but we try to keep it limited.  I want his time to be well spent.

He loves to build.  BUILD. BUILD. BUILD. If he doesn't go into construction or architecture, I'll be amazed.  I know a lot of boys are like this, but.... needless to say I'm thinking Christmas will be full of more building toys....oh, and pirate stuff. But as much as he likes to build, he also likes to show me what he built (every five minutes) and he does need variety in his day.

I've read where some homeschool moms put various toys in various bins labeled with the days of the week.  Only on the day labeled is the toy taken out and played with.  I like the concept but fear it would hinder my child's creativity.  So while my living room often looks like a cyclone went by, in the middle of the mess is a great tower of blocks, Legos, a dust pan, a broom, a paper towel tube, cardboard bricks, and various other items that when all put together make a fantastic pirate ship, cement truck or some other creative masterpiece.  Who wants to hinder such creativity?  So I've given into the cyclone.  But I do keep the busy bags in a storage container of drawers that are labeled with the days of the week.  And that keeps these creative bags of quiet focused time new and interesting.

Our Busy Bag Drawers - they are labeled Monday thru Saturday.  He finds the drawer.  I tell him "Today is MMMMonday...what letter does MMMMMonday start with?"
Our Busy Bag Drawers - they are labeled Monday thru Saturday. He finds the drawer. I tell him "Today is MMMMonday...what letter does MMMMMonday start with?"

I've heard about the concept of busy bags a long time ago.  I used something similar in my classroom years ago (file folder games and learning centers) but I had older children and it's been awhile so I've had to do and am still doing some research and shopping for items to make busy bags with.  So I've been doing lots of looking at Pinterest Boards and homeschooling sights to figure out what to do.  The concept I'm looking for is that each day of the week, he have different activities to do that will keep him 'busy' and should be beneficial, allowing him to practice skills he is currently developing or has already acquired.  Basically, a busy bag should be a rather small, transportable and fairly quiet toy or activity for the child to keep him or her busy.  The transportable part means they can be easily picked up to go in cars for unexpected or planned car trips!  Double Bonus there!!

So I thought I'd post some of the sites I've been looking at as resources for my followers who are also homeschoolers or parents (or caregivers) of young children.  And here they are:

Second Story Window - An amazing site that I just rediscovered!

Homeschool Support Network   Online Homeschool Support Group

Free Homeschool Deals Affording the homeschool life

Pinterest!!  - There are lots of boards for these on Pinterest.

There is something out there called Busy Bag Swaps...where one parent makes a ton of the same busy bag and then the moms all get together and swap.  Super cool idea!  But I don't really know enough parents of my son's age yet to do that.  It's something to keep in mind though.

My goal is to get started making new things very soon for my son's busy bag drawers.... I put 3-4 bags in each drawer.  Some of the activities only take about 5 minutes, others may be 10 or more.  So all together, I have afforded myself with about 20-30 or more minutes of quiet uninterrupted time in which my son is actively busy in a learning type activity.  I'd like to get it to about 4-5 activities that will take 45 min to an hour of time.

Naturally, I do have to sit down and show him how to do the activity the first time or two.  And I keep him close by when doing the activities so I can remind him what to do if needed or give an encouraging word.  Some of them may need assistance in setting up (most of the days include a book on tape...I need to put the tape or CD in the player...this isn't something I let my 3-year-old do yet!).

Here are the things I have in my toddlers busy bags so far:

Books on tape/Cd-  Inside the bag is the book, the tape and also a piece of construction paper with the name of the book...and some colored pencils, crayons, etc.  He is allowed to just look at the book or if he wants to draw a picture of the characters or something from the story, that's okay too. I have quite a few books on tape so there is enough for one each day.

Puzzles - I picked up an alphabet matching puzzle at a yard sale.  One day he has letters A-M, and another day he has letters N-Z.  He's doing really well with this so I may put them all into the same bag soon and make it a longer, slightly more challenging activity.

Clothespin Game - I remember this from years ago as a game we played at my daughter's birthday party.  You put a jar on the floor and hold a clothespin up to your nose.  Try dropping the clothespin from your nose into the jar.  It's not necessarily as easy as it sounds.  He's 3, so he can just drop the clothespin from wherever, but the idea of course is fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.  In time, I'll explain holding it all the way up to his nose while standing fairly upright.  He loves it.  He has about ten clothespins and does it over and over.  You can use various sized containers to drop them into.

Stickers - In various bags I have combinations of little dollar bargain notebooks and various sheets of stickers as well as pencils and crayons.  He just sits and draws in the notebook and adds stickers at random.  I was afraid there would be stickers all over the place but he listens really well and stays in the spot I put him in and does really well with it.  You never know how something will go until you try it!

Foam Stickers/Construction Paper - Another sticker type activity that is so good for those fine motor skills!  I take a big tub of those foam stickers you can buy at a craft store and divide them into little snack size baggies.  I put in about 20-30 per bag.  Along with this I just give him a piece of construction paper and he, after removing the backing from the sticker, arranges them onto the paper however he wants.  He made lots of nice fall pictures for our fridge this last month with foam leaves and brown paper!

Colored Counters/Color Word Cards -  I have a set of those cute little colored counters.  My son's are transportation vehicles (planes, cars, buses, etc.) that I bought at Rainbow Resources.  The most common are the bears, I think.  I also took a deck of those simple preschool flashcards - you know, the ones that have colors, shapes, simple words and numbers.  I found cards that had the color word along with the color on one side.  He spreads out the cards and piles the vehicles of the same color onto the card.  Once he learns a color word or two, I'll use the cards that have the word on one side and the color on the other side so he can pile onto the word and easily check to see if he's right.

Pipe Cleaners - He loves bending and winding these into all sorts of shapes!  He loves combining the colors.

Dominoes - Right now he just builds with these.  I've shown him how to try to line them up and knock them down.  He gets frustrated with that still so he sticks to his building.  But this is still nice as it gives him a new material to use for that and it's kept to the novelty of just one time a week.  I found three sets at a garage sale - the nice wooden ones really cheap!

Smart Links - This is another 'building' tool that we keep limited to one or two times weekly in the busy bag drawers.

Goodnight Moon Game - This is a puzzle game in which the child matches the numbers with objects from the story on puzzle pieces.

Window Washing Supplies- This is my son's favorites and can literally keep him occupied for up to an hour!!  We have window markers-- but those aren't the highlight of this activity.  The idea is that he's to write on the windows and clean up his mess with vinegar water (in his own small spray bottle) and a sponge.  He LOVES spraying the water and using the sponge to clean!!

These are items from our busy bags!
These are items from our busy bags!

BTW - They are called busy bags because they can be stored easily in a small or BIG ziplock bag and can be taken anywhere.  But some people store them in baskets too. And mine, while most are in ziplock bags, go in drawers labeled with 6 of the 7 days of the week.  (We don't do them on Sunday and usually not Saturday either but I have one for that day just in case!  )

I really really LOVE the idea of busy bags...  I'm hoping to collect a lot more ideas to share with you and other sources.  In time, maybe I can figure out how to make a new page for this blog to just have those ideas on.  Feel free to share your own busy bag ideas with me so we can make a really nice list for other homeschoolers!!  In the meantime, I need to get busy making bags!!


When I said goodnight to the moon last night, I had 73 views of yesterday's post!  I was completely amazed and excited.  I guess it confirmed I should write more on that topic and I will!  I promise.  As I wrote before, there are many things I am passionate about and food and what we put into our bodies is definitely one of them.  I'm sure I'll touch on that subject quite often. But perhaps a lighter topic today...Books! After all, I blog here because I want to be a writer.  And what is a writer without books?!

Goodnight Moon is one of my youngest son's favorite books!  We started reading that book when he was about 9 months old.  I believe it was a Christmas present from his Grandpa!

We read that book nightly for a very long time - probably at least two years! We usually saved it for the last of 3-4 bedtime books so that he knew it was the last and a sign of it being time for prayers and sleep! He still loves the book and he is 3 1/2 now.  We play games with it.  I'll read one part "Goodnight comb, goodnight brush," and he completes the rhyme... (If you don't know it, you simply must read the book! ) Other times, when I'm not feeling to tired, I play around a bit and read the wrong line: Goodnight Hippo jumping over the moon.  Oh how he laughs!  And of course, after reading it however many times, quickly corrects me and tells me what it should be.  I think he had it memorized before I did! 🙂

Margaret Wise Brown has always been a favorite of mine. She was a talented author who knew the mind of a child.  I just read that she is best known for Goodnight Moon (no surprise there), Big Red Barn (have not even heard of that one...will need to check that out at the library next time!) and Runaway Bunny (again, no surprise but was never a favorite of mine). When I was little I loved Mister Dog; The Dog Who Belonged to Himself, The Golden Egg Book and Home For A Bunny.  I never even heard of Goodnight Moon until I had my second child!  But I know it quite well now!

Margaret Wise Brown died when she was only 42.  It's amazing how many great books she had written by that time.  And here I am , past that, and haven't one in print (yet?).  She had 4 other pen names.  That is new to me.  I will have to do some further research into that interesting tidbit.  I'm not sure if they were all children's books or if she actually wrote other genres as well.  I think it's fascinating when authors write under various pen names.

I have often wondered if I ever did publish, whether I would use my actual name or use a pen name.  I don't know if many authors use pen names these days.  I remember when I was young actually making up names to use!  April Snow was one I liked a lot. Something about the extreme opposites... although it did snow here once in April on my daughter's birthday!  She was not appreciative of that!

Well, if I am ever to make that decision, I will have to actually finish writing or revising a manuscript worthy of publication and get it out there!  So no time like the present to get working on that!  So Goodnight Moon, hello days of writing!


Four year old children who were read one alphabet book per day significantly
improved in their awareness of phonemes - tiny letter sounds that make up words.  Read to your child today! 🙂