Wrapping It Up

November was a good month for me....possibly not for these turkeys...but good for me!  It wasn't quite as full as October, but it was certainly productive.




My Writing World:  My month was consumed with PiBoIdMo-  and that was not a good thing-  it was a GREAT THING!  The last week hasn't been as successful, but the first three were excellent.  I read a great post last night as I was reading through several days worth of posts I had to catch up on.  Ruth McNally Barshaw convinced me I need to give myself permission to be imperfect with my goals and that it was okay to not do so well this week.  It certainly didn't hinder from me from obtaining my 30 ideas.... I already have a total of 36 and I still have today and tomorrow to add to that!

I also had about 20 posts here on the blog this month...pretty good, I'd say though this week was quite slow.  Sorry about that.  The most read post this month was on Picture Book Month and the Giveaway, but my favorite was Answer The Phone Please.  Go check them out if you haven't read them yet!  Hopefully I'll get tomorrow's Peaceful Reflections done and hopefully I'll get an announcement made for Monday for the winner of the Giveaway!
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My Book World: My book world sort of slowed down, mostly because my writing picked up but also because I think I'm finally learning to focus on just a few books at a time instead of the incredibly large stack by my bed and all the other places I have stacks around my house.  This month my focus was on The Emotionally Healthy Woman: Eight Things You Have to Quit to Change Your Life as I'm participating in a book club using that book and the workbook that comes with it.  I still picked up Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst here and there and read a few chapters of A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections to the Gentle Art of Learning.

I did pick up one more book, at the high recommendations I heard about it at the book club I mentioned above.  I'll tell you more about it after I've read some more of Love and Respect:  The Love She Desires and the Respect He Desperately Needs .  I bought the workbook for this one too and it looks like it's an awesome set!

Our Homeschool World: Pennsylvania got some wonderful news for its homeschool law as I reported in a post earlier this month!  I am thrilled!

Regretfully, our football season ended at the District Championship game.  While I was looking forward to not having so much running to do (back and forth to practices and games), I found myself in tears when my son's team was beaten for the first time all year with a score of 2-6.  I truly felt depressed all week when the clock would strike three and I couldn't take him to practice.  Still, I think after a few days of experiencing the deep disappointment, he was able to focus on all he learned and realize he did, indeed, have an AWESOME year and is already looking forward to the year ahead.  And now....to get caught up with academics.  He'll do it.  I have every bit of confidence in him.

My youngest son is reading beyond my dreams.  And WRITING!  He has taken it upon himself to join me at my desk while I write.  He brings his stacks of colored papers and pencils and sits and writes, and writes, and writes while I type away or write in my PiBoIdMo notebook.  Sometimes he pretends one of those brightly colored bits of paper is his laptop and begins to type!  The astounding thing is, he really is writing REAL words (among some not quite so real words....or at least not English words....) including Mom, Do Not Entr (he's four, so what if he spells enter wrong! LOL), is, go, dog, cat, and so many others!  It's so much fun!  Creative Fun Writing, then, has been our focus this month. But we've done a few lessons in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, made a lot of words with Delightful Reading by Simply Charlotte Mason, played in the snow (well, he has....I'll try to do better next month), drawing and listening to various types of music.

Our Food/Health World

I haven't been doing much writing about this on the blog.  Other topics have taken up the majority of my posts.  I did however do some more research and one post on the Elderberry!  I'm glad I did.  I woke up one morning with a touch of a sore throat and some mouth sores that are usually indicative of a major cold virus....  I started taking extra Elderberry (I used the drops since the store was out of the syrup!) and in just two days those symptoms decreased dramatically and never got any worse.  I'm convinced!  Hopefully, I'll get back to some more food and natural health posts soon.  Remember, let me know if there's something in particular you'd like me to write about- you never know- your suggestion just may be something I've been meaning to research!

Other Parts of Life

  • We celebrated the Feast of Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple.  It is one of the 12 Great Feast Days of the year celebrated by the Orthodox Church.  You can read my very short post about it here and you can read a past post I wrote about Mary last year here.
  • I began using my alarm on my phone to remind me to pray throughout the day.  It's something I did for awhile a year or two ago and got out of the habit of.  Rather than taking a full half hour or more in the morning for devotion time when I am sleepy and not entirely focused, I only do about ten minutes now, and several other 5-10 minute sessions throughout the day.  I find it to be more soothing and keeps me more mindful of our Lord this way.
  • We were very happy to have my daughter home for Thanksgiving.  She's been here for about a week and I'll probably be driving her back to school tomorrow.
  • I started working on my Christmas cards yesterday.  I made up a very small letter with a few photos to announce our new address.  I figure there's less chance in getting cards sent to us lost if everyone has our new address early on.
  • We have a new addition to our 'family'!!   Maggie is an early birthday present from my husband- he does know how to melt my heart, doesn't he?- though I believe the convincing came from my children.  Many hours were spent on determining her name.I'mfairly sure this is the name that stays....
    This is Maggie.  :)   She is a bit frisky and adventurous when not sleeping!
    This is Maggie. 🙂 She is a bit frisky and adventurous when not sleeping!


     How was your November?





Just a reminder post today!

We are halfway through November!

That means we are over half-way through Picture Book Month!

That means we are also over half-way through PiBoIdMo ( small sob).


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It's picture book month!

This is thrilling to me as a writer, as a homeschool mom, as a mom in general and as an avid book reader!

I want you to join me in my excitement!

To celebrate this month, and all that's going on with it - I'm going to post several links here to some great sites that involve the world of picture books.....

AND I'm hosting my first ever GIVEAWAY!

I've selected a Picture Book (based on my 4-year-old son's recommendation from our most recent stacks of Picture Books we got from the library) for the person (follower) selected using the Rafflecopter  below!

It's simple:  For each item you complete, back and click a button to say it's done.  Then you can gain a 'point' or 'chance' for every one you complete.  At the end of the month, Rafflecopter will perform an automatic drawing and tell me the winner.  I'll announce the winner on December 1st and notify the winner- once given the address of the winner ( Only United States Addresses PLEASE of the contingent states - postage is a concern of mine as this is coming from my own personal funds) I'll be happy to ship the book out immediately! 🙂

But first:  Here's a list of resources you can use to enjoy this month to the fullest of your ability!  Be sure to comment below and tell me more of any you are aware of so I can add them here and share with all of our Picture Book fans!



Picture Book Database

Children's Book Council

Society of Book Writer's and Illustrators

American Library Association

International Reading Association


And Now the GIVEAWAY!

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So what IS your favorite picture book? Tell us about it!