Today marks day #116 of the 2013-2014 school year for my older son's freshman year of high school.       

We are well over halfway through with just 64 days to go. He has fallen a bit behind academically due to days spent hunting (he did put two deer in the freezer this year – gotta love venison stew!) and other scouting activities, etc. and now it is ski season. But no fear – he’s a hard worker and his last few weeks were actually scheduled to be very low key so I feel confident, thus far, that he should be able to catch up and still be finished by our goal date at the end of May.
He’s doing extremely well in his subjects (Biology, Russian, English 9, Typing, Algebra 2, and American History as well as SAT prep and a bit of world geography) and is pretty close to being 100% independent. The only thing that saddens me at this point is our temporary loss of read-aloud time with literature. I gave that up for a bit, about two months ago actually, in order to do history with him instead. I’m reading the history to him aloud to assist him with time (he’s a good reader; he has great comprehension skills but gets easily distracted with textbook reading especially this subject since it’s not exactly his cup of tea so me reading aloud helps him get through it in a more timely manner and allows the extra time to do other subjects).
I feel pressed for time myself but really this is the only subject I actually help him with so I plan on adding the literature read-aloud book back in – at least ten minutes a day. I am actually, enjoying the history and learning much more American History than I ever did in school! I like the curriculum – it’s the Notgrass Exploring America – I feel the company did a great job with the book and it reads a little more like a living book than most textbooks….but it’s still a textbook.
He has finished his IEW and his Grammar, so there’s two things out of the way to assist in him catching up in other subjects! WOOT!
My youngest so is also doing well though it’s not officially ‘school’ for him. That’s what we call it though when we do his little reading lessons a few times a week and other activities. Besides our Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Lessons, he also enjoys using these workbooks and other things pictured here as well as some other activities we call ‘school work’.    wpid-IMG_20140216_193139_953.jpg

We only do about 1-3 ‘school’ things a day. The rest of the day is pure toddler fun (free time).
So that sums up what this family is currently doing in the homeschool part of our life right now. What are you doing in yours?
Oh! And if you have any WONDERFUL suggestions on a non-time consuming (no more than a half hour or so a day) and INTERESTING high school history curriculum (not American since that’s covered!) let me know! I need to start planning for next year!