The registration information has been officially posted at! My husband printed out all the information for me.  The dates are April 23-26 and the days are full of great sessions and activities! It looks like it's going to be a fantastic year with Keynote Speaker Rev. Fr. Andrew Steven Damick as the evening keynote speaker.  I'm reading one of his books now 🙂

In addition, there are many other speakers scheduled on various topics including The Making of an Orthodox Homeschool, Reading as a Work of Love & Repentance: Critical Reading Across the Classical Curriculum, Homeschooling High School, Charlotte Mason, and many others.  There's even a session this year that is just for Dad's presented by someone who is very dear to me 🙂  Yes!  My own dear husband!

I will be determining which sessions I'll be attending soon- it's usually a hard decision to make!

If you haven't ever been to the St. Emmelia Orthodox Homeschooling Conference, you may want to check out my post from last year -

2014 Saint Emmelia Homeschool Conference

or feel free to ask me questions in the comment section below OR drop by Facebook and join the group Saint Emmelia Homeschool Conference Association and ask the many other members that have been there through the years!

If you are an Orthodox homeschool family, this is a wonderful conference to go to and well worth the price to gather with like-minded parents and other Orthodox children for your own kids to hang out with!  Let me know if you are planning on attending so I can keep a look out for you!  See you in April!