Book Title:  Floss

Author:  Kim Lewis

Illustrator:Kim Lewis

Genre: Fiction,  Picture Book

Publisher:  Candlewick Press (Reprint 1994)

  • ISBN-10: 1564022714
  • ISBN-13: 978-1564022714

Pages: 32

Age: 4-8

Why Did I Choose It?  This is  selection from my son's library pile.  I believe it was the cover that attracted him. What boy doesn't love a book about a dog?

A Bit From the Back Cover:  Nose kicks, passes, springs in the air -   Floss is a young Border Collie who really knows how to play ball!  But when she's sent to a distant farm to become a sheepdog, there's so much work to be done that Floss has little time for fun. Will she ever get the chance to play ball again?

My Review:  This sweet picture book tells the memories of a sheep dog and the trial of this animal going from a life of play to a life of work.    A father gives his own dog to his son to work the son's sheep farm.  Floss has trouble transitioning, not because  she doesn't want to do her job, but because not only does she want to work - she wants to play!  What young boy or girl wouldn't be able to relate to what Floss is going through?  The illustrations are beautiful and help to convey the emotions of the story.  It's an enjoyable story that could easily be a catalyst for discussion of chores and play or transitions to new environments or habits.

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