I pay way too much attention to Facebook stuff.....  I tell myself I'm going to start 'unfriending' the people I was never really good friends with and 'unfollow' the pages I liked quite some time ago but really don't serve me so I can just focus on the people I really want to get to know and stay in touch with and get some good information from the really good blog pages.....but....

So the other day I found myself glancing down the feed and came upon a title that hit a nerve.  I'm not even going to post the name of it here or the author or who posted it.  Because, frankly, I don't want to waste YOUR time reading the ridiculous post like I did. Let's just suffice it to say the person, because this person is still suffering from her illness, is trying to tell people that diet does not cure.

Photo By Pixabay
Photo By Pixabay

If any of you have ever read my blog post titled, Our Food Story, you may know just how well this set with me. It didn't.  At first I was aggravated and then really  kind of angry: the nerve!  But I thought about it.  And really, I feel bad for this person.  It's obviously someone who has and is really suffering and is obviously hurting and frustrated.  I get that. Illness isn't fun.  But it CAN be cured by diet.  And to say that it can't be?  Well that  just sends the wrong message to people and convinces some not to even try. And that, I think, is a HUGE disservice to our fellow sufferers.  I'm sure this person has tried several approaches, but just because he or she didn't find one that worked for them, does NOT mean diet can't do the trick.

She also tried to defame someone who  lost her life in the struggle of illness simply because a natural method didn't work for her - but of course not seeing the connection between what the conventional methods this person FIRST tried might have had on their ability to beat the illness with other methods. The unfortunate death of a fellow being attempting natural methods to cure an illness or at least prolong their life is not a sign that natural methods don't work.  I mean really?  How many people have died after undergoing chemothereapy? Yet, 'science' still says it works.  And while I think chemotherapy is awful and not the best choice available, I won't get on my soapbox and say it doesn't work and say it's irresponsible for someone to choose it.  People need to weigh their options and make the choice they believe to be the best for themselves or their children.

I understand this person's frustration over methods tried that failed.  Goodness knows I tried enough conventional medicines for myself and my child that didn't work.  And I see others I care about suffer illnesses without long-term relief or even much short-term relief, if any at all.  But frustration and not finding the RIGHT method doesn't mean there isn't one.

Diet does cure.

Now that's not to say that a person who has suffered from cancer for an extended time or is on the verge of death can go out and, after changing their diet for a few days, suddenly become well. I'm not saying that at all.  There is a point where changes come to late and that is very unfortunate.

And it's not just a matter of  not eating dairy, or avoiding MSG, or taking an extra supplement or two.  It involves a LIFE CHANGE.  It involves eating completely different from your next door neighbor and all the people who stop off at McDonald's on the way home after a busy day (or whatever other convenience food is of choice).  It involves reading labels or, really, avoiding labels and just eating REAL FOOD.  It involves learning about how foods (even the natural ones) affect our bodies and yes, patience and long term dedication.  It's not an overnight success story (though some have had some rather quick success with less debilitating illnesses).  It means researching natural health - a concept that is pretty unknown to the majority of the American population- and learning about nutrition that just isn't taught in the public (or medical) schools; in fact, usually the opposite is taught in these institutions.  It means learning about herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, and toxins approved by the FDA.  It means giving up comfort 'foods' and putting a lot of time in the kitchen and yes, probably a bigger grocery bill.

Photo By Pixabay
Photo By Pixabay

It's really overwhelming.  And I can understand that someone might get really frustrated by the process and give up- becoming an 'unbeliever' so to speak.


Countless people have told their stories and countless people have been healed by diet alone- even from the illness this blogger was suffering from.

So, I urge you all-  DON'T GIVE UP ON TOTAL HEALTH.  Diet can be a cure.  Don't listen to those who tell you otherwise.


Now.....maybe I should start 'unfollowing' a few sites.......


Have you had success in beating an illness with diet?  Tell us about it!

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