There's lots of things swirling around in my mind again today but for this post I'm going to briefly talk about one. English.

English is a very general term. It covers a variety of subtopics: Literature (my favorite), Writing (my favorite--- ooops...did I already have a favorite?), Spelling, Grammar(my least favorite), research, speech, vocabulary and ??? am I missing something?

Literature can be covered in so many ways and so can writing. Those are the parts of the curriculum I focus on the most and the rest generally fall into place at some point. If they don't, well, we can skip a year! LOL.

I'm thiking about stretching a 'one-year' American Literature program (Anthology) into two years, meaning he only has to do half of it next year, leaving lots of time to read full books - biographies, historical fiction (American history as he will be studing American History as well), classics and other books of interest. The hard part (and yet, fun) is coming up with the list... and deciding how many will be required. I've got lots of thinking to do. I am having trouble finding an actual list of historcial fiction books that are on American history and written at the high school level. So if any of my followers here have a recommendation, I would love to hear it.

Well, that's all for today. I am REALLY tired. I'm calling it an early night....before I accidentally delete any of this AGAIN (it's happened twice). Who knows if I've even made sense tired to reread and edit! Goodnight!