A censor used to burn incense within the church.

My daughter brought her boyfriend to church yesterday.  It's a first for us.  First boyfriend and first time bringing him to church.  It was also a first for him - being inside an Orthodox Church.

She had to go to work right after the service so we didn't get to talk much about his experience, but during service I couldn't help but look around more and recall how I had taken in my surroundings of an Orthodox church the first time I ever visited one.  There's a LOT to notice.

The Incense -   If you are not used to incense, it could be a bit overwhelming.  I did find it a bit overwhelming my first few times inside an Orthodox church but have, over time, begun to truly love that the Orthodox worship services does appeal to all of our senses.  This incense symbolizes prayer which rises to God (like smoke) and the Grace of God which pours into our souls.  We sometimes burn incense in our homes as well, especially around the feast days.

The Icons -Being formerly Catholic I was used to figurines and various forms of pictures icon-540784_1280in church and homes, but I did wonder at the number of icons and the beauty shining from them.  The Icons are windows to Heaven.  We do not worship them, we venerate them; there's a HUGE difference but I'm sure it's quite confusing to a protestant entering the church for the first time.

Kissing -  What was the deal with everyone kissing everything?  This was unexpected for me as well.  I remember a very kindly old woman with nails as red as rubies grabbing my cheeks, pinching and leaning in to kiss them both.  WHAT?!  I went along with it out of sheer politeness but it sure did have me spinning in bewilderment.  A new visitor to the Orthodox church will notice we do indeed kiss a lot.  We kiss the icons upon entering church and before we leave (it's a sign of reverence, not worship, much like you would kiss a photograph of a deceased loved one).  We kiss the chalice and, in some churches, some kiss the priests hand after receiving communion. We also kiss each other before taking communion or as a simple sign of greeting (though in some parishes such as the OCA church I now attend do not do this nearly as much as other parishes).

Blessed Bred & Consecrated Bread -  This was a big eye opener for me.  Literally, I think my eyes just about popped out of my head as I totally did not get that the blessed

Communion in an Orthodox Church
Communion in an Orthodox Church

bread was not the same as the communion bread and I was shocked to see people taking handfuls of bread and walking around the church with it- giving it to others and watching crumbs fall upon the floor!  My stomach flipped- as I really thought this was the communion bread- the body of Christ- being stepped on by people in the isles. Needless to say I hope, I was WRONG and I was QUITE relived upon learning that the basket or plate of bread that people are able to partake of after communion is blessed, but not consecrated and therefore people can take portions for themselves as well as share it with others who have not gone to communion that day or are new visitors to the church as a sign of fellowship.

Music -  The music in the Orthodox Church is beautiful, but what made it noticeable to me right away was the lack of musical instruments.  Only the human voice is used in the Orthodox worship services.

I'm not sure what our daughter's boyfriend thought of all this yet, but I certainly enjoyed reflecting back onto my own first experience and all of my experiences that led me to converting to Orthodoxy.

What was the first thing YOU noticed about the Orthodox Church?  If you've never been in one, what is the one thing you are curious about?

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Ever have one of those days, out of the blue, that just sneak up on you and you feel....well, blah....and do not have a single ounce of motivation to do even the most trivial things? Yeah? Well, this is one of those days for me.

Just feeling apathetic and wanting to do nothing that is really productive and yet feelling totally guilty that I"m not and overwhelmed because I know it just means I'll fall further behind... oh bother.

I'm just focusing on the little guy today... he seems to be under the weather with this cough he has....it seems to be monopolizing his days. He's able to sleep, thank goodness. But it does really give him a challenge come bedtime to do so. He just coughs and coughs and coughs....but finally , once sleep comes, it stays....until morning when the cough strikes again. Mid day doesn't seem so bad but the poor guy is not happy. Trying to get the liquids in him as they seem easier to do than solids, cough wise. He loves honey so he's getting spoonfuls of that (helps hide the echinachea taste as I put a few drops in of that). He's getting the vitamin C as well. I've tried a homeopathic cough syrup but I'm not sure that's really helping this time. Since I'm not a homeopath it's obviously hard to judge whether certain things will work or not.... My homeopath is out of the office today at a conference so..... we'll wait...maybe we'll hear from her soon (fingers crossed).

Yesterday I made sushi again. Or shall I say Sushi slop? I don't know what happened to my rice. I made sushi yesterday to make up for the sushi slop I made the day before for my daughter's birthday. While it seemed a little better it just wasn't right and I can't for the life of me figure it out. I've made sushi before. Same rice. Same recipe. I'm not sure what is different...other than the obvious ending result of slop. The taste is fine....but....really not all that desireable with the consistency of the rice. 🙁

I should be planning the menu and making a grocery list... It's one of those days where it's hard to think though. This overcast sky isn't helping. I should also be planning next week's school schedule for my son. I'm not real motivated for that either. I am somewhat motivated to go over there and grab a few cookies that I made last night. Yes, I think I can manage that one..... and then.... well...maybe I'll try the menu thing. Ugh. Or maybe I'll just get out the ingredeients for tonight's dinner.... Tonight is Quinoa and Spinach Soup. Oh, and I should get the bread dough out of the fridge if I want warm bread with that, shouldn't I?

Ah yes, it really is time to stop procrastinating. But I did get this post done...lol...that's an accompllishment, right? Oh, somebody tell me that it is!