As I go around my house in attempts to declutter and minimize in preparation for the big move coming in August,  I'm also trying to declutter my email.

It is ridiculously overwhelming at how many emails I get in both my personal email and the one I reserve to 'writing' only.  On Mondays, it's tenfold.  That's the day I get all the blogs I follow that I have selected weekly emails only. So......  as much as it kills me to have to hit that unsubscribe button, I have been doing it a bit more.  I know there is NO WAY I'm going to be able to read all these emails.  I usually end up hitting delete anyway after a week or two of it sitting there still unread.

So for the past two Mondays, instead of using my morning time (30-60 minutes that I get by forcing myself to get up early) to work on my writing, I sit and read blog posts and determine -  "Is this blog really benefitting me?  Do I really get something out of this person's writing?  Is it someone I enjoy interacting with or do they give me information that will truly contribute to my days/time?" If not, well - I'm sorry.

It really does make a difference though.  It's so much easier to glance at my email in the morning and determine if there is something truly important there that I need to attend to - like seeing the response to that query letter right away - WHICH I DID!!!  And a request was there!!!  Now I need to keep it decluttered waiting for a response to an actual submission!


It's Incredible!  Another Award!  YAY!  I needed the extra motivation today too--  I'm moving incredibly slow today....   Thank you sooooo much to Jenn at The Overcoming: An Uphill Battle With Inspiring Intent!  And congrats to her own Liebster Award after only blogging for a little over two weeks and gaining 70 followers already!  Her story and blog are just that awesome!  WAY TO GO Jenn!

I am very grateful too, not only for the award from Jenn, but that I have reached over 100 followers on my own humble little blog here.  🙂

One of the highlights of my day is going to the Dashboard and seeing how many people I've reached that day and all the various countries they are from.  And the biggest happiest part of that time is reading the sweet comments from my readers.  Today, since I was away for a couple of days and didn't really read the comments, I had several to read and was very happy to read the one from Jenn telling me about this award!  I really do feel honored.

So here's what I need to do to accept the award from Jen and for other bloggers to accept the award from me:

  1.  Each nominee must link back to the person (blog) that nominated them.
  2.   Answer the 10 questions which are given to  you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have LESS than 200 followers.
  4. Create 10 questions for our nominees to answer.
  5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here's the questions (with answers) that Jenn has asked me:

  1.   If one movie could describe your life, what is it?  What are the elements of this movie that remind you of yourself? Wow...this one is really hard!  I don't know that there is one that describes my life at all... but there are elements of several movies that resonate with me.  I always liked "When a Man Loves a Woman" with Meg Ryan because while I never struggled with alcoholism as her character does, there were many elements that she struggled with that I could easily identify with... gee, it's been years since I've seen it though...but I really remember thinking, "Wow, I could have said that!"...then there's "Beaches" --  the characters struggle with elements of their lives and friendship and I can really relate to both characters in so many different ways.  There's more but I haven't enough time to ponder or write them all! Of course, after I post this, I'll probably by lying in bed tonight and think,  "Oh!  That one!  Why didn't I think of THAT one??"
  2. What are your biggest pet peeves and how do you react when faced with them?  Right now the biggest thing that comes to mind is when people that have wronged you, whether intentionally or even by accident and they don't ever apologize.
  3. What is your favorite day of the year and why?  What do you do on that day that makes it special?   Oh this one's easy!  PASCHA!  Pascha, to put it in easy terms, is Orthodox Easter.  Though it doesn't always fall on the same day as when western Christians celebrate Easter, it is the celebration of our Risen Lord!  What makes it so wonderful is that it is the celebration of Christ rising from the dead, trampling down death by death and bestowing life!  The service we attend that night is a very long service- about 3 hours- but is so absolutely beautiful and emotional - the joy lasts for days and days, weeks.....  it's the heart of Our Faith.
  4. What is the biggest dream you are still striving for?  Oh good!  Another easy one!  To be a published children's author  🙂
  5. If you could travel back in time - what era would you want to live in or experience?  Why?  Hmmm....I'm not sure on this one.  Perhaps the times of the Civil War...  Wouldn't you just love to (assuming you're a girl reading this) to dress in those Southern Belle gowns??  LOL...  probably not if I had to do it daily but....   and really, it's just a fascinating time of history - so many changes.
  6. Who is it that inspires you the most - famous, or close, anybody - and what is your message for them?  Another easy one.  I've already written about The Greatest Woman Who Ever Lived - the Theotokos - Mary, the mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ. She was the first to consent on Jesus coming into her life, accepting Him without hesitation - regardless of the undoubting chaos it added to her entire life and changing everything for her.
  7. What would you do if you came face to face with a person you've always wanted to meet - living or passed?  Who is that person and what would you say? So many people come to mind here, but for whatever reason, Dave Pelzer came up first.  If I came upon Dave Pelzer, I would congratulate him on his victory in surviving child abuse to such an excessive extreme and having the courage to use his past as a way to write and reach out to others.  If you don't know, Dave Pelzer is the author of the book, "A Child Called It" and several others.
  8. Describe your motivation in blogging and how they have changed - if at all. Well, it started out as just a place to write some thoughts and to get my wriing back on track after not writing at all for many years.  It started out slow and as my motivation to write grew, the number of posts grew to where I knew I wanted to post almost daily.  Now that I'm reading about social media and the role it plays for want to be and already published authors, it motivates me further to keep it up and hope for  even more followers!
  9. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?  What makes you so?   Oh, definitely an introvert.  I always have been- almost painfully so as a child and into my teens.  I have gradually come out of my shell through the years - I think my husband has helped me a great deal in that area - but still remain an introvert.  Large crowds, especially if they are full of people I don't know, still cause me much trepidation!
  10. What's your favorite weather condition?  A sunny Spring day!  Not too hot - not too cool...  just right...about 70... and SUNNY!!!

Okay....THAT's it for my questions!   NOW - you can go take a look at these wonderfull blogs!  They are the next receipients of the Liebster Award as I am now nominating them!

  • FCubed  Aspen writes about Food, Family and Fitness....in no particular order.  I love reading her posts and I LOVE her recipes!  Check out her EASY fudge recipe!
  • A God Coloured Girl in a Grey World Staci writes about Faith, family, fitness, food and fun.  She's living in Brazil!  I just love how we can connect so closely with others of similar thoughts and values on the internet from places all over the world! I love her outlook on so many aspects of life!
  • A Bit Behind On Books - I love reading her book reviews! She offers reviews and many other thoughts on her love of reading.
  • TaylorMadeItPaleo  This girl is amazing.  She's only 21 but she's talented at taking foods that are of our modern day 'diet' and turning them into sensational treats that are "paleo" - using quality ingredients so that an occasional treat isn't quite so bad for us!
  • Trialsofawannabepublishedwriter -  I started following Heather because she's an aspiring writer like me.... but am blown away by her posts and continue to look for more!  She's an amazing writer!
  • TheKhouriyehSaidWhat?! The Khourieyeh cracks me up.  🙂  She's an Orthodox homeschooling mother of three sharing things about the life she loves.  The funny thing is, I started following her blog before I realized who she was--- and later realized I knew her!
  • Paul Czajak Children's Book Author -  I really like Paul's blog.  Monster Needs A Costume came out this past September.  His second book is coming out in April.  Congratulations Paul!
  • AlayneKayChristian - Alayne's blog is wonderful.  She strives to give writer's a whole life perspective and she does a great job at it!  If you are a writer, you'll love the important and valuable information she offers!
  • TravelSizeFamily -  this woman is amazing -  I love reading of her adventures.  Her posts are mainly about traveling, travel tips, HOMESCHOOLING, and much more!
  • LittleBears - This is a homeschool mom and I love her writing style!  Right from her 'About Page', she states :  "‘Little Bears’ is a family that home educates, and has done so since 1999, using a range of different styles, methods and resources, including Charlotte Mason, literature-based (mainly Sonlight), lapbooking and notebooking. We aim for a wide range of traditional subjects, but aim for non-coercion".

So there it is - my list of wonderful blogs I decided to nominate for the Liebster Award - though it was a hard choice to make!  There are several others I follow that deserve the award and recognition!  Hopefully you will hop over and take a look at the sites and what they have to offer.

I'll be contacting them myself with messages on their About pages to let them know about the award and hopefully, most if not all, will have time to accept the award and post the answers to the questions and give us another list of ten bloggers with 200 or less followers that deserve this award so we can check them out too!

Here are the questions I am asking THEM to answer:

  1. What was your favorite book as a child or young adult and what made it your favorite?
  2. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in life?
  3.  What is your idea of a perfect day or night?
  4. What do you consider your biggest challenge in life?
  5.  What is your favorite food?
  6. What is your biggest dream or goal you are working on or wish to reach?
  7. Give five words that describe a best friend.  Do you have one?  Tell about him or her if you wish.
  8.  What's the one place in the world you would want to visit?  Why?
  9.  If you several million dollars in the lottery, what's one thing you would do with it?
  10.  Tell one more thing about yourself that isn't here and isn't obvious by reading your blog.

I'm eager to see how many of my nominees answer the questions so I can learn more about them!  Even if  you're not a nominee, perhaps you'd like to share some of the answers with me anyway.  I'd love to know more about my followers!

Now, after making dinner and eating and spending some time with the little man.... I'll get to go back, let everyone know about their nominations and take a look at the other blogs recommended by Jenn at The Overcoming!  Please check her blog out - you will be amazed at her story and inspired by her honesty and her Overcoming!!!


I started this blog on March 17, 2012 with the post 'Hello World!'  which was really just some common post by WordPress.  My first actual post was simply titledTime To Begin Again and the second post, dated the same day, was Introduction. Both of those posts were extremely brief and didn't have a whole lot of material. It was really just my first feeble attempt at starting to write again.  It didn't amount to much at first but....   That was almost twenty-one months ago!!  Of course, I didn't start writing consistently until about 7 weeks ago...so I would still call the blog fairly young(105 posts today) but I am enjoying it.  I hope you are as well.

I seem to be settling into a routine.

Monday-  Homeschooling

Tuesday - Our Food Story -  natural health and eating

Wednesday- Books

Thursday - Orthodoxy

Friday - Writing

Saturday - Random Quotes/Posts and Random Thoughts on a Saturday

Sunday - well, that would be my day of rest...no posts.      

I've also learned a few things....like how to put in links which I love to do...and finally how to put a picture to the right or left side and have words right next to it....so simple but I'm so slow!  (Yes, I am laughing at myself so you can too--- and now...laugh more...because it doesn't always work and I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!!)

When I have time, I read posts from the blogs I follow.  I'd love to read them all every day but................ well, you know.   I have, however,  learned a lot from them!  I like to see other people's writing styles, the topics they write about, and even what other people say in response to their post!

It's exciting to see my followers increase in number and to see which posts get the most views.  My record is 73 views in a day...  that's probably not much for some of those well-known blogs out there but to me that's a big deal and I'm enjoying it.  The posts that have had the biggest number of hits are #1  Our Food Story  and #2 Those People Who Always Smile.  I'm glad people are interested in Our Food Story because that's one of the main reasons I started blogging.  A LOT of people have encouraged me (A big thank you to those people - you know who you are) over the last few years to start telling people our story...how our lives have changed because of food ...and to tell others what we have learned and accomplished in doing so and to just start writing again!!!  As far as Those People Who Always Smile, I'm thinking it must be the catchy title... and I'm also thinking I should do a follow-up to that post...I've had so many other thoughts about it since the day I originally published it!

I LOVE getting comments!!!!                  So please---  if you have a thought--- share it!  🙂

I feel satisfied with the way things are going here...but am open to ideas on improving the blog as well.  I've thought about changing the title...but no AMAZING titles have jumped out at me and said "Yes!  This is what it should be!"....  I guess it's hard to name because I don't just stick to one topic ( I am a gal of many many hats!).  I've said before I know I cover a lot of stuff here rather than just one topic that most of the popular blogs cover...but that's me...  I am passionate about a lot of things and so I'm going to write about a lot of things!  🙂

But if YOU have any ideas..... please pass them along.

Maybe you have an idea for some future posts on the topics I mentioned above...or maybe you have a question.... or maybe even a suggestion on a new title if I ever get around to changing it one day...could be soon...might not ever happen. Maybe you have an idea for a picture book too...lol...don't tell me though if you think you might want to write it yourself!!    And, if you have a suggestion on how I can just blog and write all day long and still get other things done....lol....then you're amazing and I need to know what that suggestion is!!!

Have a great day everyone!!  I hope you get some writing time today if that's what you enjoy---  I really hope I do too!!