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It's my dream to make this blog a pleasurable read to many.  If  you have thoughts or ideas, I'd love to hear them!  Have a wonderful day!'s been a long week.  And I actually have not accomplished much since my writer's retreat in regards to writing.  🙁   Thank goodness I had that retreat because I believe it gave me the energy and motivation to keep going....well, the retreat and my husband 🙂

I haven't written a single blog post since the retreat.  What I've posted were written before or during the retreat.  I haven't worked on any manuscripts either, at least not my own.  I have managed to get in a few critiques to my fellow critique partners but that's about it.  I haven't even been able to thoroughly read the comments they've made in their critiques of my own WIPs....  though I'm so anxious to do so!  Hopefully today I can at least do that.

So what have I been doing?  Well.....   you know.... wearing all of my other hats.  I've been being the mother, the homeschool teacher, the wife, the taxi driver, the shopper (mostly groceries), the meal planner and maker....  oh, and a new one earlier this week... the patient.   (I was laid up for about two days due to a kidney stone!  My first and hopefully my last! - It was NOT a pleasant experience and I now know why some have compared it to labor....)

I've also been trying to determine if I should move the blog to and have been in contact with a service that might do that for me...   I'll let you know if it happens...but no worries, they say all my followers will be automatically linked to the new site without having to lift a finger or a mouse!

So please excuse me as I may not be quite up to par with the blog in the next week or so.  Hopefully I'll get back to a routine soon.  Thank you for being my faithful readers 🙂  Your time reading and commenting mean so much to me.

God bless you all.


Today I write this post from my a desk that is not my own in a room with no one in child saying, "Momma, I am hungry!" or an older boy saying, "You ready to do history?" or a dog that makes disturbing noises making me think she should go outside or the clock telling me it's time to get dinner started for my family. Today I woke an hour after my usual time and I awoke to silence. Today I lounged in my sleepwear while making sausage, an egg and sautéed kale with a side of guacamole (store-bought- didn't make that) just for me. Today I only got drinks (hot tea) for myself. Today I wrote out 2 blog posts already (this being the third), did research on those blog posts, submitted a manuscript to Julie Hedlund's 12 x 12 forum for critique, wrote to a possible critique group member, wrote to another blogger about the possibility of switching to so that maybe one day I can work with some affiliates and perhaps make just a little bit of profits with my blogging since I spend so much time on it and really enjoy it so much. I also organized my folders of blog materials and PB idea materials. All of this and all before noon and lunch! Today I didn't have to hide my chocolate treats.

How is this possible, you may ask? Don't you have a small child? Don't you homeschool? Don't you cook everything from scratch meaning placing yourself in a kitchen at minimum for 20-30 minutes per meal per day (assuming you have all that planned out?)?

Well.... all of those questions. And as I sit here and enjoy my sushi from the restaurant just up the road, I'll tell you how.

#1 I have an incredibly wonderful and supportive husband

(this post is dedicated to you, sweetheart)

So about a month or so ago, I felt in over my head...overwhelmed, stressed and just plain tired and burnt out.  Wait...that wasn't just a month ago, that was the last 4 years or more of my life....or has it been 19?  LOL....   but anyway, I digress   ---   about a month ago I was really thinking that while things were overwhelming I absolutely MUST let myself continue my writing because, well, I'm finally feeling like 'me' again and realized I shouldn't have ever let myself stop and I really must figure out how to make this work WITHOUT sacrificing the other priorities in my life(being a wife, being a mom, homeschooling, cooking from scratch, etc.).  I saw a post somewhere about how even beginning writers MUST consider their work a REAL JOB...whether it's paying yet or not.  That got me thinking...  here was my husband going off on another conference...the second within the last year....  I didn't feel, though my heart longed for, ready to go to the big SCBWI conference in New York this year.  (maybe next year, honey?)  And the gulp.   But I thought...hmmm.....  what could I do with the three days time if I didn't go to New York and was by myself instead?  Soooo......   I approached that wonderful husband of mine.  Right now his schedule has finally been smoother (It's been really super awful the last 5 years- that's putting it mildly) and now he gets a few days off at a time.  He said as long as it was during time he had off, he was fine with it.  In fact, he did #2 for me.  🙂

#2.  Find a hotel

I wanted something a lot cheaper than the hotel would have cost me in New York... that wasn't hard!  I found one local, close to the store and one of the only restaurants that we can eat at (might not frequent this too often though...I don't think my body is appreciating the rice after eating mostly Paleo for the last couple of months - taste buds, yes, body, no) and has a kitchenette so I can cook most of my meals (the sushi is leftover from last night's quick dinner - I'll make everything else myself!) It's a nice setup in a safe location and fairly affordable.

#3.  Make a Plan

So what to do while I'm there?    Well- I didn't plan out hour by hour what I would do.... but I had some basic goals in mind:

  • Work on My Blog - This post is being written a week in advance.  I do not always have time to write posts each day, but I like to be able to put up something new 6 days a week.  This means when I get the chance to write several posts, I do.  I try to have a week's worth done in advance so that if something happens to prevent me from writing at all, I can still post something.
  • Work on my current WIPs!  (That's Work in Progress if you don't know) -  I have 4 that are in manuscript form but still need lots of revision and another one or two in very rough idea form.
  • Look over my old WIPs - These are the old ones that I was working on before taking my almost 5 year hiatus.  A couple I had actually written a couple query letters on... it's been so long... I don't even remember all the details in them.  SO now is a great time to read over and revise.  I did pick one to do that with (therefore I'm calling it current).  I can't believe how much easier it was to hack away at it and make revisions I wasn't willing to do 5 years ago!  LOL....  not recommending that for every WIP you do though!
  • Study my Resources - I want to put in some time to learning the ins and outs of the SCBWI website and learn what's there for me.  I also want to spend some more time on the 12 x 12 site so I know what's there and make it as useful as possible throughout the year.
  • Follow my fellow bloggers.  I've been following many but do not always have the time to read them all.  This time may allow me to figure out which ones are the most beneficial for me so I can be sure to keep my eyes on them even when I'm too busy for the others.
  • Whatever Else I May Think of While I'm Here!

#4  Bring Everything You Can Think of (That pertains to writing of course)

So this is what I brought with me:

  • My Computer!!!  Do you remember life without computers?  I can but I cannot even imagine what I'd do without it!
  • My cell phone (yeah, I still have that need to check in at home...and I do miss them)
  • Clothes - comfy ones- yeah I look like a bum but I'm comfy!
  • Food - I do not want to waste time going in and out for meals.... while I may take a walk to clear my head if needed - I don't want to HAVE to leave.
  • Extra Pencils, Pens, highlighters, paper, etc.
  • File Folders - ones that already contain things like WIPs, articles on blog subject matters, etc. and empty ones for any PB ideas I may come up with while I'm here!
  • Resource Books:  I brought the 2014 Children's Writers and Illustrators Market, the SCBWI The Book:  The Essential Guide to Publishing for Children, Ann Whitford Paul's Writing Picture Books: A Hands-On Guide From Story Creation to Publication and a variety of other books I'm currently reading or using as reference as well as the printouts of PiBoIdMo posts that I never got around to reading all of....

#5  Write

#6  Read

#7  Write

#8  Read

#9 watch 200th episode of Criminal Minds because you just can't miss that....oh...I guess that won't apply to the rest of you....


# 11  Read, Write, Sleep...repeat....over a course of time...

I intend on continuing my retreats on occasion.  It won't be monthly - but maybe bimonthly if we can work it out and it WONT always be three days as this one is.  I just felt I was sooooo behind in things and overwhelmed and needing a rest that I insisted this first one be three days.  But you do what you can.  Maybe you're lucky and can pull off more, but even a day to yourself to do what you need to do to get your writing on track is important!

Have you ever gone on your very own self-made writer's retreat?  Tell me about it 🙂


I knew about Nano (National Novel Writing Month) which is held in November each year and challenges to write a novel in one month, or 50,000 words which, according to the website, is doable even for an active person.  Do they know what I do in a day??  (laughing incredulously).  Well, I tried Nano once.  I don't recall how many words I accomplished that year, but it certainly wasn't close to 50,ooo and I wasn't as busy then as I am now!Someday, maybe, I'll bring out that YA I started years ago, and attempt Nano with it again.  Or maybe just be content with adding a paragraph a week. That may be more like it.

But this year I am doing PiBoIdMo!  PiBoIdMo is Picture Book Idea Month. This is the fifth year for PiBoIdMo. That's obviously why I haven't heard of it before.  I haven't really written in over 4 years or more.  How I didn't know about it the first year, I'm not sure.  But I am glad to know it now.

Immediately, upon finding out about PiBoIdMo, I got very excited, registered, and pulled out my( still blank) Ideas and Images journal I obtained from a SCBWI conference many years ago. It was perfect for the newly inspired me!  And I wrote in the numbers 1-30 over two of its pages......  So the idea is that through the course of the month, which is November which has 30 days, the picture book writer comes up with at least 30 different ideas for a picture book (I already have 5 listed besides the one I've actually spent a little bit of time starting this past week).  In addition, Tara Lazar (founder of PiBoIdMo) will be putting up daily blog posts by picture book authors, illustrators, editors and other professionals from the kidlit world!  I am so inspired by this.  It was really perfect timing.

So I have opened the cupboard in my sitting room that has been closed since the cupboards were built.  Inside, I found very dusty folders and notebooks I've not looked at in quite sometime.  It was really sort of humorous (and maybe a little sad) as I glanced through folders with started manuscript titles not remembering half of them!  I mean, sure memories came back after reading through a few lines, but I honestly hadn't remembered starting half of them!  So it will be interesting, I'm sure, taking more time to sort through and read through them all again.  I'm sure, this many years later, I will have a totally different perspective on many of them if not all of them!

I also found my notes from SCBWI conferences and other related sources.  Right now, sitting at the top of the pile on my desk, a notebook lies open displaying the notes from the Katherine Patterson talk.  Here are some of the things I wrote that Katherine said:  "I can never be Jane Austin or Tolstoy, but neither can they be me." (So true!) "I am the only person that can tell my stories." (Yep!) "We must bring out what we fear and what we care mostly about." (I must remember this).  Katherine ended her talk that day by exclaiming, "Go Home and Dare!"

So I'm daring.  I'm not sure what will become of all this but I am grateful to you, my followers, for making me feel that maybe, by following me or reading this blog from time to time, that you must think I have something to say, something worth reading.  I appreciate that.  I don't give myself enough credit, or so I'm told.  You help me do that.  So thank you, dear reader, for giving me encouragement to go out and dare!  And now it's time to do a little more looking into those past manuscripts and notes... maybe a new idea for a picture book will emerge and I can add more to my list!  They come up in the most unusual sitting and watching a little old man filling his car up with gas at Sam's Club 😉


Back in April of 2012, when my blog was really new and I hadn't posted much, I did make one post about MSG.  So in a way, I have covered this.  But the world is still consuming this neurotoxin so I feel I would be remiss if I didn't post again.  It probably won't be the last.

Last week, I shared with you Our Food Story. When we made the discoveries about what artificial additives and preservatives were doing to our own health, not to mention the rest of the nation and world, we realized what a large integral part MSG played into it.  MSG, Monosodium Glutamate, is a salt of the amino acid - Glutamic Acid (glutamate).  A salt is the chemical name for a molecule held together by opposite charges.  Basically, one (mono) sodium atom is 'stuck' to the amino acid glutamate.

Now before I go on, I will again say, I do not claim to be a scientist nor am I a doctor of any kind.  What I am is a self-educated individual and a mother seeking to understand what was making her family display mental illnesses and other health ailments in order to become and stay healthy  which we have most certainly done for quite some time now.  What I am sharing here is what I have learned through hours upon hours of research and the use of many scientifically backed resources as well as our own experience.  All of this information, other than our own personal experience, can be found in other legitimate sources.  I will, today, and on other occasions, list the sources or even give links to places you can make your way to in order to verify and further your own research.

Okay.... back to MSG (yuck!).  MSG is a neurotoxin.  A neurotoxin is a substance that inhibits proper function of neurons.  Sometimes the damage to the neurons actually inhibits the neuron from functioning at all.  Other times, the toxin attacks the signalling capability of neurons and sometimes tells the neurons to send false signals. Neurotoxins are also capable of destroying the neurons completely; in other words, killing them.

"According to some MSG opponents the glutamate added to foods is "bad" and the natural glutamate in our bodies is "good".  MSG sellers argue that MSG is exactly like the glutamate in the human body, therefore it must always be
"good".  It is not so simple.  There are contaminants in processed MSG.  An analogy that can be used is that there are right-handed amino acids and left-handed ones.  They are like mirror images of each other.   Processed MSG contains not only the kind of amino acids the body is used to handling, but
mirror image ones too.  This may cause problems because it is like putting the wrong glove on your hand.  It's not quite the same.  We don't exactly know what problems this may cause.  On the other hand (so to speak) the fact that
glutamate the body is used to handling is also in MSG may present a problem because an excess of naturally occurring glutamate is well known by neuroscientists to be a problem in many disease states.  Natural glutamate can
cause problems we already know about.  The reason food processors "free" glutamate from its bound form, is that it acts as a neurotransmitter in its free
form.  The food industry's claim that free glutamate is as harmless as bound glutamate is disingenuous at
best.  If it was exactly the same, they wouldn't need to hydrolyse vegetable protein (split the amino acids apart). "  ~  MSGTruth.Org

Have you heard about 'Chinese Restaurant Syndrome?'  This term is associated with the high incidence of people experiencing headaches or a collection of other symptoms after just consuming Chinese food.  Chinese food is not the only source of this neurotoxin, of course, but this term was made popular in the late 1960's and was coined after Robert Ho Man Kwok wrote a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine reporting to them the strange syndrome he repeatedly experienced within 20 minutes to an hour of eating at Chinese restaurants.  While I've heard that some high quality Chinese restaurants may refrain from using MSG, the majority still use this 'flavor enhancer' in the majority of their dishes. While this term is popular, it is this writer's opinion that the term should now be 'American Restaurant Syndrome' since a vast majority of restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, in America use MSG or an excitotoxin of equal damaging results (i.e. aspartame).  Or perhaps it could be called "Processed Food Syndrome" since, yes, a lot of the processed foods in a box or can sitting on your pantry shelf or in your freezer probably contain these ingredients.

Wait!  Don't check your pantry and freezer yet!  Because MSG and aspartame are not the only things to look for!  MSG actually comes by many many names.  Even those soup cans that claim to have no MSG in them can actually contain glutamates!  There are several websites that list the hidden ingredient names of MSG and offer tons of information.  Here are a few:

Our household members carry a list of the ingredients we absolutely MUST avoid at all times.  We carry this into restaurants with us (not that there are many we can go to) and have the waiter present it to the chef.  Most restaurants that have a chef who cooks from scratch can come up with some sort of dish that will not contain those ingredients.  The ingredients on our list that are specific to MSG are the following:

  • MSG (also known as Monosodium Glutamate, Monopotassium Glutamate, Glutamate, Calcium Glutamate, Monoammonim Glutamate, Natrium Glutamate)
  • artificial flavors
  • yeast extract (this is extract, not simply yeast)
  • bouillon and/or boullion cubes
  • broth (from a premade mix or box or can)
  • spices (if the label just lists 'spices' as a generic term and does not specifically list the name of an herb, it is most likely MSG. )
  • Seasonings( again, listed as a generic term, this indicates a high potential of being MSG or a mixture that contains MSG)
  • Anything 'hydrolyzed'
  • Calcium casinate
  • Sodium casinate
  • Textured Protein
  • Vestin
  • Ajinomot
  • Whey Protein
  • Soy Protein
  • Anything labled  ____ protein...  if it's not the substance alone (peas, not pea protein) than the processing has created free glutamates, thus MSG
  • Disodium 5 guanylate
  • Disodium 5 inosinate
  • Disodium 5 rib nucleotides
  • Soy Sauce (the only soy sauce we can safely have is raw namo shoyu --  btw, it's delicious!)

There are other possibilities as well such as natural flavors and gelatin and anything ultra pasteurized to name a few.  PLEASE, check out the sites I listed and learn more about this terrible ingredient in food products!

MSG causes a lot of problems! A LOT.  Some of the problems people have and THINK it's just normal to have such conditions include:  headaches (including migraines!), bloating, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, frequent urination, flushed skin, swelling and a whole host of others!  And these are just the mild symptoms!  More serious effects include (but are not limited to) depression, mood swings, rage reactions, panic attacks, anxiety, attention deficit disorders,tremors, seizures, chest pain, extreme rises and drops in blood pressure, insomnia, and asthma.  And obviously, in our own family, we discovered it to be the root cause of bipolar disorder(in combination with other neurotoxins and artificial ingredients).   MSG is NOT something to mess with and yet millions of people ingest this toxin within food products they consume at restaurants and in their homes each and every day, often several times a day!

My family never knowingly consumes this toxin.  We carry our list everywhere and most family and friends are aware of our needs so we seldom have an issue.  In the rare case we do accidentally ingest MSG, we know it!  Usually within an hour, sometimes longer (allergens can actually take up to 3 days or more for some individuals to notice a visible sign) we suffer from some sort of allergic type reaction.  We each have various reactions including itching, hive-like swelling, intense anxiety, red skin, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, mood reactions, etc.  These immediate severe reactions are because now our bodies are healthy enough to recognize the toxins for what they were.  Our bodies are no longer conditioned to accept the toxins.

I hope that someone out there will benefit from reading this.  I hope you will take it upon yourself to do more research and experiment.  I challenge you to go just two weeks without ingesting ANY of the above ingredients.  Then, try it.  See what happens.  Have several things containing the above ingredients within just a few hours.  Note any changes you see.  For some of you, it won't take much.  Others react but not as strongly.  Some people may need to avoid it for longer period of time to truly see the results, but I wager most will not.

I hope that sharing what I've learned in my research and experience will guide you all into learning the real truth about MSG.  God Bless!

Other sources you may wish to use:

  • Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by Russell Blaylock, M.D.
  • The CrazyMakers- How the Food Industry is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children by Carol Simontacchi
  • Battling the MSG Myth by Debby Anglessey

My several Saturdays have not gone as I would desire them to.  They allowed no time for any relaxation or doing anything that I truly WANTED to do.  Today has been a bit different.  I got up this morning (After sleeping in!!!!  Hooray!) and started the soup for dinner while I made breakfast.  Breakfast was just eggs with several sides of leftovers thrown together.... but dinner will be a Sweet Italian Sausage Stew... a new paleo recipe obtained from Everyday Paleo that I'm looking forward to.  Then, with only a few minor disruptions, I finally got my 'morning routine' done by noon and the rest of my usual Saturday tasks and planned the Novemeber menu and was done by 1:30!  YAY!  Time to read blogs, do some writing myself and explore a bit with the whole writing idea.  I also hope to squeeze some extra play time in with my toddler 🙂

My husband and son came home early from hunting as my son got a doe this moring.  So it's nice to have them in the house since they've been rather absent for the past 4 days out hunting.  And soon we will have venison in the freezer alongside the grassfed beef we just put in about 2 days ago.

So today's post is brief but I have been working on several ideas for next week and writing down ideas for blog posts and stories to turn into someday manuscripts!  All in all, it's been a nice Saturday for once!  🙂


Well, way back in April of 2012, I wrote about what to blog about and that has been on my mind again.  I read that post back from April of 2012 and it seems that I'm sticking to the same basic thoughts.  I'm not a person who can read just one book at a time so I can't imagine just focusing on one subject like so many of the blogs I love do.  So just as I posted back in 2012, I think I'll try to blog about various things:


Our Faith... my family is Orthodox Christian.  My husband is cradle Orthodox while my two older children and I converted about 10 years ago.  It was the most important decision of my life.  I love Orthodoxy.  I love all Christians...and all non-Christians... but I really feel Orthodoxy is the True Faith, the Church begun by Christ and his apostles upon his resurrection and Pentecost and I'm so thrilled to have found it to allow it to guide me in my relationship with Christ.

Our Food Lifestyle.... it's truly not a's a lifestyle.  For really good reasons and that's what I'll start writing about next week (at least that's the plan.... I actually wrote out some notes the other day when I had time about how we got started on this path).  Everyone has told me I should write a book on it...  I'm not so sure about that...  I prefer creative writing...  for kids...  but perhaps I can tell our story on here in a more brief format.

Homeschooling... We started homeschooling not long before our adventures into discovering the difference between real food and food products and it's been quite an adventure of it's own.  It's an important aspect of our life.

WRITING!!!  That's why I'm on here.... because I love to write!  And my dream is to become a children's author... though I'm not sure anymore what I want to write... what age group or genre.  I am thinking of writing an Orthodox Picture Book...but I want to write for the general public as well.

BOOKS!  What's a writer without books and what's a book without writers?  They go hand in hand and I read quite the varied selection.  I like to talk about them all.

Random Stuff.....  My thoughts are generally non-stop and full of randomness so why not include that here?  I like to share thoughts I have based on things I've read, heard, things that are going on in my life or in that of my children and others I know.  I like to read quotes by famous authors or other people and reflect on what it means and how it applies to me...  all of that and more fits under this category.

So that's what I've been contimplating over the last week and that's what I hope to make a habit of writing about very soon!  If you are following me, thank you.  If you like what you see, let me know.  I'm a bit of a shy introvert with not as much of a high self-esteem as people tell me I should have so I'm often wondering why people do view my posts and what they like about them.  If you have time to drop me a note and tell me, please do!

Today is going to be one of those 'random' posts where I write about several things.

Yesterday I looked for videos on how to make kale salad.  I found this one on how to make Massaged Kale Salad.  It was a good recipe.  I adapted it a little.  Here is what I did yesterday, though I'm sure I'll play with the added ingredients a bit here and there.

1 bunch kale

1 tsp salt

2 tblsp apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

A handful of dried cherries

A handful of pomegranite seeds

1/4 cup candied pecans


Adding the fruit and nuts is obviously something I can play with but looking at the reds and greens of the kale yesterday reminded me of Christmas and I thought that would make a lovely salad with our holiday meals!  My son (he's 3 1/2) LOVED this salad!  He asked for more 3 times and went around the table stealing ours from our plates!  How awesome is that!

Speaking of Christmas.... I'm starting to think about presents already.  I hate being rushed at Christmas so I try to plan early and at least start shopping early.  Then December can be more peaceful as it should be.

I always get the kids a Christmas ornament.  I'm trying to figure out what they should be this year.  The older kids usually pick out their own now but what I used to do and still want to do with our youngest is pick something representative of the year... something that made that year memorable.  I am really undecided on what to look for for our little one but I have it narrowed down to three choices (IF I can even find any of them!  If you read this list and know of a source, let me know!):   a cement truck, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or Linus with his blankie.

My son LOVES cement trucks!  He gets soooo excited when he sees them!  He watches a video on Netflix called Mighty Machines. He has watched the episode on the cement truck so many times!  He can recite what they are saying right along with the video.  We get books from the library every other week and we must always get one that has a cement truck.  He even knows the names of some of the parts (drum, chute, etc.).  He also loves to read other books and several months ago we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  Ever since, any time he wants a snack he tells me "I'm still hungry like a caterpillar"..... how can I say no to that??  🙂  And of course the blankie.  His godmother got him a sweet fuzzy yellow blanket for his Christmation (babtism).  He has been firmly attatched to this thing ever since.  It goes everywhere.  It doesn't look very yellow anymore.  I tried at one point to get a second one but it just didn't happen.  So I'm afraid every time I put it in the washer that the thing will tear, etc. and I try desperately to get him to leave it at home as I'm terrified of losing it!  But Blankie is his buddy.  Blankie sits and has breakfast with us.  Blankie tells me when my son is hungry like a caterpillar sometimes too.  He's part of the family.  So I'm not sure what ornament to look for... I guess I'll look for them all and see what my options are!

Yesterday I wrote about the writing bug and I really took off with it.  I journaled lots of ideas on what to blog about and even wrote a bit for a picture book idea I had.  It was actually a very productive day... just written in bits and pieces here and there.  I guess that's what I need to do to make this work.  Little bits here and there.  There will be no long hours of writing at all as I have other priorities God has blessed me with in this life.  One being that little man I have mentioned so often... and my other blessings... my two older children and my devoted husband.  🙂  So very blessed.  So very grateful.

So off to another day...  lots of things to do!

As I start this post, I am sitting here enjoying my lunch of salmon salad over a bed of baby romaine alongside my tomato cucumber salad and a few candied pecans from the batch I made up this morning.  Mixed all together it is delicious.  My little man, however, does not seem to appreciate it nor his pear today.  I think rest time may occur without his fill of lunch today.  Oh well... he had some healthy snacks earlier and sometimes he just doesn't eat as much as other days.  Most days he is telling me he is 'hungry like a caterpillar' ever since enjoying that wonderful picture book by Eric Carle.

I am really feeling the writing bug.  I'm really working on figuring out how to make it work.  I've been exploring the SCBWI site... trying to determine if the cost is justifiable, as well as exploring other blogs by writers and considering dusting off my old materials.  I did open that cupboard the other day and dig out an unused journal to begin writing down ideas again.  That's a big start for me.  And trying to keep up on here.  I know I haven't written much that is edifying but it's a start... and my mind is turning with ideas and concepts.

I read yesterday that one published author of picture books has two young children and she literally often only spends 5-15 miutes a day in actual writing.  Well.... if she can do it in that amount of limited time, then maybe I can figure it out too.  We shall see!


Please bear with me here.... I'm going to try this out.  Joy of Dawn sent me a video and I found an eHOW article on putting links on here...  haven't read the article but watched the video... we'll give it a shot!

Well Fed  is my favorite cookbook right now ! 🙂

Melissa also published another cookbook.  It's titled Well Fed 2 and is on my Amazon wishlist!

YES!!!!!!  I think I did it!  🙂  Happy Dance.... and now to rush off for an appointment!  Hopefully now I can incorporate more links and things into my blog and make it a bit more educational and who knows, maybe a little more entertaining!  Thank you Joy of Dawn!