I've been wanting to start writing a bit about our lifestyle involving food. I'm just not sure where to start nor do I really have a lot of time for it yet. But I saw this 'food survey' on someone else's blog (bananaoats here on wordpress....not sure how to put in a link yet...I'll try) and thought maybe I could get started with this? <a href="http://bananaoats.wordpre.com" title="bananaoats"

Coke or Pepsi? Blue Sky Natural Soda
I use to be a Pepsi girl. LOVED the stuff! I started giving up the stuff even before our whole foods switchover because I realized on my own that it was doing a number on my digestive system....so now when I have a Pepsi craving...and YES I still get them even 6 years later...I grab a blue sky cola. Their Root Beer is good too.

Lemonade or Fruit Punch?
Lemonade. I don't imagine I'll ever come across a natural fruit punch.

Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy?
Caramel Apple. Its hard to come by caramel that's 'natural' without added flavors but we have found it on occasion.

Butterfinger or Snickers? I can't have either one. WAY WAY WAY too many additives there. I used to LOVE Snickers though. Now we buy Angell bars, which are a more natural candy bar. They are very yummy and come in 3 varieties. Of course I prefer the one made with milk chocolate!

Pudding and Jell-O?
Pudding. We make our own or buy a natural brand at Wegman's. We can't do Jello. I was never a big fan of it but do occaionally miss it when I'm in the mood for some summer picnic salads that would call for a box mixed in.

Turkey or Chicken?
I love them both but chicken is the one I prefer most often. Grass Fed without the hormones of course!

American or Provolone Cheese?
Provolone I guess....but prefer cheddar. American is a big no-no......figures...American cheese is just full of added artificial stuff....leave it to the 'good ole Amercian Diet' to even mess up cheese!

Crackers or Cookies?
C is for COOKIE....that's good enough for me!

Pretzels or Chips?
Chips. Can't get enough of them.....which I hate cause even though theres several out there without the added MSG and other artificial stuff, most are till made with GMO potatoes.....

Mexican food or Japanese food?
That's a hard call. Japanese Sushi or Mexican anything for me please....but not too hot....

Chinese food or Italian food?
Italian. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pasta and it's a little easier to throw together than slicing up all those vegetables for a homemade stir fry...well, maybe not....I guess they are about the same if you make the sauce from scratch. We can NEVER eat Chinese out....LOADED with MSG and other neurotoxins but we can usually find an italian restaurant with an alfredo or marinara sauce we can eat if they make it from scratch.

Pie or Cake? CAKE!!!!!! Oh, now I want some.....

Ice cream or Cookies?
I prefer the icecream but my personal aversion to dairy makes me choose cookies....but I do give in on too many occasions only to pay the price later (sinuses and digestion issues)

Pasta or Pizza?
Huh? No way can I choose.

Soda or Juice?
Juice.....freshly squeezed pleae.

Chocolate Bars or Chocolate Truffles?
Truffles are too hard to find in an organic not filled with artificial garbage variety that I could ever afford. So it's chocolate bars. I just found a dark chocolate that has salt and almonds that almost makes me want to say see ya later milk chocolate! (It's obviously better for me too!)

Apples or Bananas?

Bananas because I like them in anything....by themselves(as long as they are not overly ripe) in pies, cakes, pudding and even my oatmeal! But apples I only do raw or in a very smooth applesauce. No pie or dumpling for me....I know, totally unamerican, huh?
But I'll pass by either for some fresh berries!

Salad or Soup?
Summer -Salad
Winter - Soup
Fall or Spring....either

Cauliflower or Broccoli?
Broccoli! YUM!!!!! (although I'd prefer brussels sprouts!)

Onion Rings or French Fries?
Blizzard or McFlurry?

EWWWWWW. No thank you. We have totally banned fast foods forever. Homemade icecream made by my lovely 17 year old, thank you! (yes....I pay the price but her icecream is soooooo worth it!)

Fried or Poached Eggs?

Fried. In a sandwich....put the egg on toast with some mayo or ketchup....cheese to on days I want to clog my sinuses. Add a nice fresh slice of tomato.

Crepes or Pancakes?
Crepes. No, pancakes. No, crepes. Nope....pancakes..... sigh.

Hashbrowns or Roasted Potatoes?
Fried potatoes. I always make extra 'baked potatoes' in the crockpot when we have baked potatoes and fry them up in coconut oil or butter the next day for breakfast. There's some sitting on my counter right now. YAY!

Oatmeal or Cereal?
Most of the time I'd have to say oatmeal. As long as it's not too mushy. But I do like a nice bowl of cereal for a snack sometimes too.

Your turn! Copy this over to your blog or pick a few an answer in the comments below!


Well, it's been awhile since I posted anything. This past week has been rather busy with our Church schedule during Holy Week and Pascha. And we all seemed to come down with some minor cold symptoms (which is rare but then I realized we have slacked off on our vitamins and then had more contact with the outside world than we usually do so ......) But it wasn't anything major and didn't stop us from attending services so that's good.

I finished my books that I was reading towards the end of Lent. Now I have FINALLY read Twisted, a book by Laurie Halse Anderson that I've had on my Amazon wishlist for over two years. So I finally bought it for myself and read it in just over a day. It is my third book to have read by her and I am a huge fan. Her characters totally pull you in. I have also started a book about anger. I think, after this Lenten season especially, that I have dealt with a lot of my anger issues - and boy did I use to have a lot of them - but someone close to me was reading this book and expressed a lot of interest in it (Dancing With Anger) and so I thought, why not. I always cringe at self-help books because they can sort of go against a lot of Orthodox Teachings and obviously stress too much SELF SELF SELF....but I thought I'd give this one a shot and I try to just glide over the whole part of putting yourself completely ahead of others part of it and see what she has to say about dealing with anger.....I'm only into the second chapter so far, so we'll see. I'm also reading One Thousand Gifts...it's written by a woman with some sort of protestant background but is being read by a lot of Orthodox people. She seems to have some major Orthodox percepetions and I can't help but wonder how her life would be even more complete if she were to find the Orthodox Faith. Besides, these two books I have a huge stack of books in my room that I have not read yet of all varities and it's so hard to choose which is next. Which is why I'm usually reading at least three if not 4 or 5 books at a time. Sometimes even more. Nuts, I know, but it works for me most of the time. I haven't decided on what my current Orthodox book will be yet....I have several calling my name...

So now I thought I'd post a few more random things about me:

1. We just celebrated PASCHA. Pascha, to give an understanding, is Eastern ‘Easter”. I don’t really like giving it the name Easter because it does have some pagan connotations but I do use the term among my Catholic and Protestant terms simply so they understand what I’m talking about. We stayed up all night…or should I say morning? The service starts at 10:30 and ends around 2:30 with lots and lots of feasting afterwards. I’ve had a sleep deprivation headache most of the week but it is so TOTALLY worth it! I love the way we worship our Lord. The way we go all out for Him. The way we understand Salvation and Theosis!. I am so thrilled to have found Orthodoxy.

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. I read a vast array of materials too. I’m thrilled to have a toddler again so I have an even bigger excuse to read picture books and classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes again. And I’m looking forward to reading the Junie B. Jones series again someday. But I also love middle grade, young adult, and of course adult fiction as well. I love reading about Orthodoxy and learning more and more about my faith and its history, its saints and its perspective on today’s worldview. I also, of course, love reading Holy Scripture, though I prefer reading it with Orthodox Commentary so I have a better apostolic understanding of what I’m reading. I also read things on whole foods, natural living, and things that pretty much go against the usual American Diet. I sometimes read things related to history and science, but those are usually connected to our home schooling rather than a random book I select on my own. There’s other things too….but I’ve realized I could make this a whole blog piece on its own! LOL

3. I don’t do well with dairy. During the fast we gave up dairy of course. I was the most ‘congestion free’ that I have been in the last two years - since the last time I gave up dairy completely. This week already, after just three days of non-fasting, I have already awoken with some congestion and , I’m afraid, been having more digestive issues. I really should let the dairy go, but….it’s so yummy.

4. I have freckles. I use to hate my freckles. I mean, they are like, all over and I used to get picked on about them so I hated them. But then my sister got me this mug that says ‘These aren’t freckles, they’re just a whole bunch of teeny tiny tans.” I just love that mug and I love that freckle philosophy. So I’ve adopted it as my own and shrug off my freckles now with a chuckle.

5. Our dog is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. She is a cousin to the Burmese....most people know that one if they are a dog lover. But the Greater Swiss has shorter hair and, supposedly, sheds less. HAHA. She's a good dog, but is very hyper when people visit, which makes her not so popular with some of our friends. She's not mean, just jumpy and wants to be in their face. We have tried several tactics. But since we live in the country and don't have visitors so often, its sort of hard to do any type of real training method consistently. Well, we love her. She is a devoted animal, that's for sure. 🙂

That's all for today. I really need to figure out a schedule for me again and try sticking to it. I do much better with a schedule. There's just too many things pulling me in all kinds of directions and I really need to find a balance. I don't want to give up on the blogging. I love it so. But I need to find a way to fit it into a bunch of other things too.