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Hey There! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Carol and this is my blog. WELCOME!

I wear many hats in my life - Orthodox Christian, Wife, Momma, homeschool mother,  reader, friend, taxi driver, cook, maid, Lemongrass Spa consultant, blogger/writer, chocaholic, and many more!

I write this blog for me and FOR YOU!!! It is for me because I LOVE to write and what better way for me to practice my skill than by writing and sharing with others my biggest passions in life. It’s for YOU because I find these things to be beneficial to EVERYONE!


 Faith– Orthodox Christianity is my Faith – It’s the oldest Christian faith in the world remaining unchanged since 33AD. If you want to learn more, read about it here. I love to post about my faith as well as semi-weekly posts that are spiritual reflections – good for anyone of any Christian faith.

Homeschooling – I post things about all aspects of homeschooling. Some former posts have covered the Pennsylvania Homeschool law, methodology, a mixture of the Charlotte Mason method and unschooling---moving more towards unschooling method with every day, curriculum, busy bags, living books, and more!

Reading  & Books – I love to write and with that is my passion for books! I post about the importance of reading and the books I’m reading – fiction and non-fiction. I attempt to do a formal book review at least once a month but will hopefully be catching up and doing extra reviews on books I’ve read in the past as well.

Whole Foods and Natural Health – My family has completely changed our health status by turning away from the Standard American Diet and changing to a Whole Foods approach using the foods God gave us for consumption and staying away from overly processed food products  containing artificial man-made ingredients. In our adventure, I’ve learned about the Paleo Diet and am experimenting with that as well as many natural cleaning methods &  remedies for health ailments such as the cold and flu and enjoy sharing these with you as well. It may be interesting to note that neither my daughter nor I carry our former diagnoses of bipolar disorder and my husband was able to stop taking medications for high blood pressure and ADHD due to this lifestyle change! He's also lost an incredible amount of weight and feels more fit than he did 20 years ago! And of course there are Recipes - Because what’s a blog that talks about food if there’s no recipes?? 😉
Writing – After all, this blog only exists because of my passion for writing. Though I'm currently not a member of SCBWI...I just don't get enough writing time to make it worth it right now,  I am very hopeful to become a published children’s author and make millions of dollars -NOT! Lol. I won’t make money at being a children’s author. My goal is to enrich not my pocketbook, but the mind of a child. And I will share with you my journey along with an occasional writing exercise that may help the aspiring writer or homeschooler in their own journey.

The man that captured my heart and holds my hand.

General LIFE - Really, I write about so much more than just the above major focal points including stress management, marriage, reflections on famous quotes, decluttering, parenting, and MORE because I am sharing my life with you as a WHOLE. A lot of blogs focus on just ONE aspect of the blogger’s life. They are very good blogs but here you will get a much bigger picture of me and my life, not just one piece. You get ME. And I get YOU. So I think you will gain a lot of insight here and things that you can relate to and things you can learn about.

So….. FOLLOW ME NOW   and remember to introduce yourself! Tell me YOUR PASSIONS!


**  Please note-  the photos are here for your assistance.  At the top of the post, from this week on, you will see a photo that will aid you in knowing the main topic of the post:  Faith, Homeschooling, Food and Natural Health, Reading and Books, Writing and General Life.  This will hopefully make it easier for you to find the posts you like and skip any that you might not be interested in- though I think you'll love them all if you give them a chance!  They could be addicting! 😉



More about Me:

I am an Orthodox Christian wife and mother – a wife of 22 years, a mom for 19 and an Greg's Wedding3Orthodox Christian for eleven years. I’ve homeschooled my children for the past 8 years. This was  about the same time that we dived into research on whole foods and natural health. I’ve been writing since 5th grade (Thank you and Memory Eternal to Mrs. Allred) but have only been writing on this blog for the past four.  When I’m not in church, homeschooling, cooking, reading or writing, I may be on a coffee date with my sweet husband, walking in the woods, footballchatting with friends or, attending my son's football games, watching Criminal Minds or some other scary show or movie and, on rare occasions at night, – SLEEPING! My family and I live in a lovely home in the woods of the Pennsylvania Mountains near Williamsport, PA with our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Natasha.

Join me here on the blog as I continue my writing adventure!


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32 thoughts on “About Page

  1. themeetingwell

    I am so glad you found my blog and left a comment, because now I get to read yours! I think writing children's books is a wonderful thing. I hope to read some of yours someday! 🙂
    We have a lot of overlapping interests, and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Thank you!! While he had been a challenge to adjust our lives around...he's been a complete blessing! He has really added a tremendously wonderful perspective to our lives! :).... not to mention a few writing inspirations!

  2. Despina

    This was a wonderful article. I am the administrator of St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Melbourne FL and would love to have your permission to publish your blog about Theophany, of course placing your website with it. Please let me know and God bless you! Wishing you a Healthy, & spiritually filled new year!

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Absolutely! As long as you place the website there, I am perfectly happy with granting permission! Please send me a link to the post when you do! I'd love to check out your website.

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  4. stacilys

    Hello there Orthodox Mom. Thanks for stopping by and liking my posts. I think it's great that you're homeschooling your kids. I thought about it as I live in Brazil, but am from Canada. My oldest (6 almost 7) has Asperger's Syndrome and I don't have the nerves or patience (something I believe God is building in me through my son). Plus there's nobody here, especially where I live that homeschools so there are no resources or social groups or anything. Plus it's supposedly illegal here. Anyhow, thanks again. Look forward to reading your posts, especially on food life/natural health.
    Blessings =)

    1. orthodoxmom3

      You are very welcome. I enjoyed them and I'll be sure to stop by again! Homeschooling is a wonderful thing and I'm grateful that God provided us with opportunity to do so. I'm sorry you are not in an area that you feel comfortable (or allowed- yikes!) to do so yourself. There are a lot of people in the states that do homeschool children with Asperger's syndrome. I had a child many years ago in my first classroom that had Asperger's Syndrome... he still remains my favorite student of all ten years I taught in public schools! I actually wanted to teach in a autistic Support classroom (what they were called here at the time - classes that had students all along the spectrum) but luck never provided me with a classroom with an opening anywhere I lived.. I appreciate your interest in my posts! Thanks so much! God Bless!

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Oh thank you so much! I feel so incredibly honored! (I wish I had been the person to give you yours! - You are an inspiration!) I'm having an incredibly off day for various reasons but this really lifted my spirits and gave me a boost of motivation! Thank you! 🙂

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Oh, Thank you Nina 🙂 I'm so grateful. I just got one last week....and it was sort of time consuming so I'm torn about doing it again... I'll think on it and see what the week brings me. I absolutely love blogging and writing but am having trouble balancing it all with LIFE! LOL.... Maybe I'll do it later in the week. Thanks so much again!

      1. Kate Loveton

        No obligation to do so, my friend. Purely voluntary. Heaven knows there is much in life to take our attention and our time. It was just my pleasure to nominate you.

  5. Mother Paula

    Hi Orthodox mom!
    We recieved an Orthodox church bulletin recently announcing the upcoming Orth. Homeschool conference at A. Village. The article included the life of St. Emmelia, your group's patron saint. What a wonderful saint to pray to for all of your homeschool parents! I'm not sure if the AV wrote the article or if the info came from your blog. It stated that St. Emmelia and St. Macrina her mother-in- law founded a wommen's monastery in Pontus. I believe it should have stated that St. Macrina the younger (who was St. Emmelia's oldest child and daughter) was her co- founder and not her mother- in- law (St. Macrina the Elder). Just thought I'd pass that info. along, since I love both of these saints.

    God be with you.

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Mother Paula,
      Thank you for noticing my mistake, though I can't for the life of me know how you made the connection to me. I don't know anything about a church bulletin using my article for the homeschool conference. Did they have the name of my blog in the article?? I would like to know. One, I am flattered they would use my article: http://orthodoxmom3.com/2014/01/23/st-emmelia-and-the-orthodox-homeschool-conference/ - see for yourself, I believe I corrected it- but I hope they at least gave me credit if they did indeed use the same article. I hope the correction is satisfactory to you. I apologize for the error and appreciate you pointing it out. I hope I have not made any other errors as I deeply hope to help educate others on our Orthodox Faith!

  6. Mother Paula

    Hi! I believe the church newsletter was from Holy Cross Church OCA parish in Williamsport, Pa.

    They pretty much copied the whole article on St. Emmelia and at the end they added a link to the AVillage for conf. details, then said thanks to orthodoxmom3.wordpress. at the very end, so that's how I found you! I am a nun at the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguation in Ellwood City, Pa.

    We receive many chuch newsletters and it's hard to keep up with them all…. but this one caught my eye about St. Emmelia. Glad you were able to add the correction, it's nicely written.

    One last comment, you might want to show and icon of St. Emmelia at the top of your article, along with St. Macrina. You can of course find some nice ones on line.

    In Christ,

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Oh, yes I did know about that
      one! That's my church. It's on Facebook though, not bulletin. That's what confused me. Okay, thank you!! Glad I could fix it. Anytime you see an error, please let me know! 😉

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