My New Hat: Gratitude

It's been a long time since I have posted here.  I am happy to say that I think that will be changing soon.

I call this blog The Many Hats of an Orthodox Mom because I wear so many hats in my home-  that of an Orthodox Christian, Wife, Mother, Cook, Housecleaner, Organizer, Friend, Book Reader, Writer, and the list goes on....  Now I add woman of gratitude.  Or, at least that's what I WANT to add.

I am beginning a challenge.  I am challenging myself , and hope you will join me, to become GRATEFUL.

This lent has been quite a journey for me.  I have to say I have grown quite a bit- and no, not in the waist!  Part of that growth has been learning to realize how much I did focus on negativity- especially in the last few years.  Earlier in my life, I recall people telling me how positive I was.  That I uplifted their spirits.  That I always had a smile to offer....  what happened to that girl??  Many things.  But I wish to not only find her again, but increase that positivity threefold!

I will be starting weekly posts on which I will ask you to join me.  Join me not only in reading the posts, but start your own list!  Start your own quest to become a woman or man of gratitude.

I WANT TO BE A WOMAN OF GRATITUDE..... A woman who sees blessings everywhere, in everything.  Will you join me?

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I am an Orthodox Christian wife and a mother of three that is loving the life God has given me. I wear many, many hats in this life including Christian, wife, mother, reader, writer, teacher, homeschool advocate, cook and so many more. I love to write about them all! See my About Page for more and be sure to follow An Orthodox Homeschool if you want just the homeschool posts or get ALL the posts on The Many Hats of an Orthodox Mom!

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