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hello-1006469_1920I'm taking a few moments to just say hello to my faithful readers.  My time on the blog has been scarce as of late but I'm still here.... still writing, or at least THINKING and DREAMING of writing, even if the actual pen to paper is rare, still homeschooling, still reading, still eating paleo, still practicing my faith (though I really do need to spend more time in prayer), and still trying to figure out how to balance it all.

I've spent a LOT of time reading and contemplating, as always I suppose, my whole approach on homeschooling.  I'm not abandoning Charlotte Mason in the least, but I am questioning the need to follow Ambleside as rigorously as I had been in the beginning of the year.  After reading Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie and taking quite a long break over the holiday season, I can see that taking a break was actually highly beneficial to my son.  It was needed.  He is now requesting to do school and enjoying the activities, though limited at this time, that we have doe.  I am not abandoning the materials suggested by Ambleside, but I am less convinced that they must all be used in the particular year suggested and am focusing more on observation and discussion of nature, playing games and reading for pleasure while just fitting in the 'academic' reading materials of Year One over a longer stretch of time- I'm thinking 2-3 weeks rather than one for now.  And I completely ditched Our Island Story- much to the dismay of the Ambleside Forum ladies.... oh my , you would think it a crime!  LOL

And I'm trying to figure out how to get blogging and writing back into my schedule..... it's not an easy task.  But I do think a monthly or biweekly babysitter may be in order.  I hate to spend the money though, since at this point in time, it's not exactly a money making adventure- so I feel guilty spending anything to do it. But I do think the one on one time with the babysitter, a sweet homeschool girl that lives close to us, is actually very beneficial to my little man. It keeps him away from the TV and keeps him actively involved with someone that enjoys his creativity and offers a different approach to play than that of his brother, sister, or myself and his dad.

And of course, there's the kitchen.  I managed to stay out of it for almost the entire day today... an expensive accomplishment.  Yes, in order to give myself most of the day off it consisted of a gluten free frozen pizza (not exactly Paleo) and an expensive run to the local sushi place for dinner.  Expensive, but a nice break.  I really must figure out how to make cooking from scratch and sticking to a primarily paleo diet less time consuming.  I have come to the conclusion that my main problem is probably trying to please everyone in the family and trying to have too much of a variety in our meals.  And really, I simply MUST start putting more things (pre made meals) in our freezers!

And if that and the million other thoughts in my brain aren't enough, in addition to trying to figure out the homeschooling, save time in the kitchen and figure out how to best fit writing  back into my days,  I also need to figure out what to start writing and blogging about again.  Oh, I definitely will be stcking to the main topics of this blog (writing, reading, homeschooling, health, our faith).....but where to begin and what kind of schedule to keep?

But alas, I will do my best to start again soon- until then dear reader-  drop me a note and let me know what you have been up to lately- and what, if any, topics do you miss reading the most?  Maybe I'll start there!





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