December Wrap Up

Wrapping It Up:  December

Yes, it is a bit early.  But with the holidays here, there's so much going on and I wanted to be sure to get the wrap up out before the New Year is actually upon us.

My Writing World

Well, here on the blog and manuscript writing, things have been pretty much non-existent! But it's December and my extra time has been devoted to online shopping ( I really love to get it done in early December so I can relax and enjoy the season with my family) and planning for the holidays and trying to get back into a groove with homeschooling.  So while it's frustrating, I feel like this is just a non-typical month and isn't necessarily a predictor of the months to come....I hope!  AND, as I actually work on this blog post today- I have a babysitter in my home as I speak...and hope to at least start on a new manuscript- even if its just some basic brainstorming on an idea or two I formed during PiBoIdMo.

My Book World

This is pretty slow too, at least in comparison to my usual.

I did get two new books for my birthday earlier in the month!

   This made it onto my wish list as soon as I heard about it.  Have you read it yet?
 I guess I'll just always be a fan.

I haven't had time to start either, but I have slowly been getting through The Living Page by Laurie Bestwater and I really feel like I'm understanding the concepts behind all the types of notebooking in the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling.  I'm glad that the Book of Centuries isn't supposed to officially be started until about age 10, because that's the one I think I understand the least. But I'm eager to really start vamping up our nature journals and develop a Calendar of Firsts and work on my own Commonplace book.... but now it sounds like I'm writing about my Homeschool World!

The only other book I've been reading consistently is the Bible.  The version I use is this one:
  I just love the notes and extra commentary that I find to be indispensable!

Along with the bible, I've been using The Gospel of St. John by Lawrence Farley.

Our Parenting/Homeschool World

Homeschooling has taken a bit of a break, or shall I say, a change of pace?  With my older son, life has revolved around 2 courses and left the others sort of temporarily fall by the wayside. Anatomy and Physiology required a presentation and much of his time has been spent in preparation and becoming increasingly nervous for his time in front of his class.  The other course he's focused on was a sudden addition to his fall semester; a research class was offered by a local homeschool mom and I just had to allow for his opportunity to take part in this introductory course to that dreaded ordeal of the research paper.  Yes, I'm a writer at heart; but research writing is not my least not in this format!  So to have someone else offer their time to do this FOR me?  Yes! Sign me up! Here's my money! GO!!  So, needless to say, his time in December has been focused on Anatomy & Physiology (the presentation and studying for his second big test in the course) and in researching his topic for his paper - the benefits (and disadvantages) of recycling.

For my younger son?  Well....  I've been spending a lot of time cleaning (we don't currently have a housekeeper and that has it's own advantages and drawbacks- but should be rectified soon!),  planning for Christmas, and reevaluating my current expectations and goals of homeschooling.  I am still a dedicated Charlotte Mason homeschooler.... but I think I'm gaining a deeper perspective of what that means and what I want our homeschool world to look like.  More on that in a future post... I hope!  Needless to say, we haven't done much, BUT what we have done is priceless and I am watching my son realize he loves to read (and not just at bedtime when he'd rather not be sleeping) and he really does have an interest in pretty much all of the materials I have provided.... just not necessarily to sit down to a particular schedule every day.  And THAT's OKAY.

But we do need to work on those HABITS.  Oh my.... he's developing some not so great ones.  I really need to find a method of teaching him how to handle his frustrations in a healthier and, uh, shall we say, more 'pleasant' manner??

Our Food & Health World

I continue to watch my husband stick to his dedicated efforts of eating Paleo and changing his habits of stress eating to that of exercising!  Yes, it's December.  I think he's been tempted more and may have even given in a time or two.... but certainly not as often or to the degree he has in the past and I commend him.

It's ironic- now over a year later of getting our Fitbits, it's he that is usually in the lead now with steps.  Originally, I got them for us to motivate him to keep up with my own steps- knowing that what I did on a day to day basis of just household tasks, running errands, etc. was more than his own steps.  Well, it must have worked because I can't seem to keep up with him anymore, despite my best efforts!  That's okay-  I LOVE seeing his motivation!

Our Faith World

On December 6th we celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas Day.  According to Church Tradition, Nicholas lived in Asia Minor and became known for his generosity.  He was consecrated as Archbishop of Myra at the beginning of the 4th century. He was noted for his defense of Orthodoxy against the Arians and is said to have been one of the bishops preset at the famous Council of Nicea, though apparently there are not any written documents to prove this.  He died in Myra on December 6th.

Many Orthodox children put out shoes on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day in hopes of candy or gifts to be found in the morning.  In recent years our children have started this tradition.

At church, families bring items to fill baskets that we take around to several families in the neighborhood....a usually cold, but very enjoyable tradition for all.2015-12-05 22.50.55





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