PiBoIdMo Day #30

It's PiBoIdMo 2015- have you signed up??

Well I participated.  I didn't exactly accomplish all my goals. What were they?

Oh, that's right....

 KISS  (keep it simple silly)

  1.  Read all posts by Saturday of each week (no way can I do it daily).

  2. Do exercises (if applicable to my current writing goals/ideas by Sunday.

  3. Write a minimum of one idea daily (7 a week) or add more details to an already listed idea.

  4. Make an honest attempt of writing a minimum of 30 minutes a week.

Well, I kept it simple.

I didn't read the posts daily, but I did indeed read them within a week of them being posted and all but one time was caught up by Saturday.  And I did work on the exercises, sort of.  I at least made note of the ones I want to get started on and a list of materials to do that with...especially the index cards and mini notebooks.  I did not get an idea every day.  Sometimes I didn't even think about PiBoIdMo let alone form ideas for writing, but I do think most of the ideas I had were fairly decent that could lead to something in the future. AND-  I actually did end with 30 by early this afternoon! I certainly did not do the 30 minutes a week.  I thought for sure that I could make an attempt at that.  But nothing.  Not even 5 minutes all month was dedicated to working on starting or even editing a manuscript.  Sigh.

But it's okay, right?  I mean, at least I have some (30) ideas.  And I tried out the babysitter thing....which didn't turn out actual writing that day but did get me started on reading and gleaning some good ideas from the PiBoIdMo posts and motivated me to try the babysitting thing again- maybe once a month to actually work on a manuscript?  We shall see.....

And I have my little writer friend to keep me company on occasion!

2015-01-13 07.11.33

How did your month of writing go?

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