PiBoIdMo Day #21

So here we are, November 21st.    Day #21 of PiBoIdMo.

It's PiBoIdMo 2015- have you signed up??
It's PiBoIdMo 2015- have you signed up??

I'm really glad I decided to change my goals this year, because there is no way I would have met last year's goals this month.  It took me until Friday night to read any of the PiBoIdMo posts on Tara Lazar's Blog.    This week was a whirlwind of errands, tasks, and diversions from getting anything done, let a lone writing!

So-  I read the posts and I actually DID get a few ideas jotted down as well- but still at only 17 ideas....I need 21 to be at the PiBoIdMo goal....

hmmmm..... what to do?

Well- this week's posts have helped.  I've got some general notes on a post-it to help me focus:

2015-11-21 09.22.11

The one I think I'm spending the most time considering right now is:  Don't limit your genre.

With all the time I've been considering twaddle vs. living books, the more I am actually drawn to a non-fiction genre. This is not the genre  I was really drawn to before, other than the manuscript I wrote about my saint about a year ago.  That manuscript was not accepted by the editor and has collected dust at the side of my desk for some time.  However, I have spent a bit of time as of late thinking over two possible alternatives to revising my original vision of that manuscript.  And I've thought about some other possible ideas for that genre (yes, some of them are among the 17 PiBoIdMo ideas for this month).  So among the other posts from this week, Nancy Tupper's post today at PiBoIdMo has gotten my wheels turning again.

But alas, it's Saturday and time to catch up on all that didn't get done through the week.  Hopefully I'll find a way to make a bit of time doing some more writing later today but for now, it's back to real life!

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