September Wrap Up

Wrapping It Up:  September

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I've been able to get a few extra  stolen moments downstairs in my "office" to try to get out a few posts this month.  I  would love to say this is my new habit but I have no idea what each day or week to come will hold for me so I'm just taking it one day at a time....and hoping for the best- whatever that may be.

My Writing World

It's been sparse but it has occurred, at least in my blogging world.  I haven't touched a manuscript, though they still linger in the back of my mind.  I haven't conversed with any of my writing critique friends either and that does weigh heavily on my mind.  But I'm trying to stay positive with the thought that I have started blogging again, primarily about homeschooling.  I also did start the other blog (last month I was thinking about it in my monthly wrap up post but hadn't decided).  So if you only want to follow those posts,  you can find it here:    It is comprised of only homeschool posts to allow readers who want to have only those posts follow them there.  For now, it is working.  We'll see where it goes....

My Book World 

The list is long as usual.  I'll separate them for you here and in the homeschooling section below.  These are the books I'm currently reading on my own (not homeschool books I read with my son(s).  You can see those in the homeschool section below!

These are books that pertain to my faith.  I'm finding both of them wonderful reads.  I'm taking the CM method myself to read The Way of A Pilgrim and Ancient Paths - giving myself time to read and reflect over small pieces at a time.  It's true that the child AND the adult get so much more out of it using this method!  It may take longer to complete, but it stays present in the mind for lasting edification.  I've just added (or I should say REadded) An Introduction to Orthodoxy as that is the book we've chosen to read with our Sunday School Class (middle school through High School).

         I finished When Children Love to Learn which is about using the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling.  It was a well written guide, full of information on the various methods and subjects covered in schools using this method.  I haven't gotten very far into Volume I (Home Education) of Charlotte Mason's own book just yet.

                                                                                                                                                                            This book was a goldmine for my husband and I  (he listened to the audio version).  I am really grateful to the members of Ambleside Online and another Facebook page I follow who recommend this book.  We have really put forth a lot of effort in attempting to understand and use the concepts taught in this excellent parenting book to handle the frustrations and disruptive behaviors of our 5 year old and have seen magnificent results.  It's actually given us a whole new outlook on many relationships in our lives - NOT just with this young child!  I highly recommend it to parents everywhere.  Maybe one of these days, I'll get around to writing more about it.

          These are the only two books of fiction I am working on right now.  I'm not very far into either one as my fiction reading seems to have taken a backseat to other things right now.  I thought I'd be taken immediately with the Book Thief as much as I hear people talking about it - but 50 pages in I'm interested but not hooked just yet.  Perhaps it's just a slow start?

I haven't officially started the above book yet, but I'm so excited!  I just got this today in the mail.  It's a free copy given to me by the publisher ( Kregal Publications) in exchange for a book review here on the blog when I'm done!  I can't wait to start! I have a feeling the fiction books above will be on hold for awhile so I can read this one!  Back in  December of 2014,  I did a review on  Jotham'sJourney, the first book in this series of advent stories which you can read here.  I have read all the previous books in the series and have loved them all though Jotham's Journey was my favorite!

Our Parenting/Homeschool World

We are doing well with following the guide on Ambleside online for Year One.  We've actually completed 9 of the weeks so far.  I think I may slow down a bit or at least cut back on the language (reading and handwriting) and math instruction a bit. Not because he can't handle the work itself, but these are the subjects he (my 5 year old) is "fighting" with me the most.  He rolls his eyes and complains when I pull out the phonics, writing packet ( just a bunch of writing paper stapled together) or math worksheets and yes, even the Frog and Toad readers on occasion. It just ends up in an afternoon of frustration for both of us and that is not the goal in education. My goal is for him to love learning right now, so I need to cut back on the things he's not loving.  He LOVES to be read to, so doing the reading selections using the excellent Living Books we are using is NOT a problem.  There are some days he doesn't want to do them, but most days he seems to enjoy them. The books we are using right now are:

It's a lot, I know, but naturally we don't read from each one every day. Some of them we don't even read from more than once a week if that.  It's all very good.  There are a few books we use that are not from Ambleside.  Those are pictured below.

My son LOVES Life of Fred!  Who knew math instruction could be so fun?  It's just the worksheets and videos from Math U See he's not 100% fond of though I'm convinced it's a good program and will stick with it at least for this year.  I think he's just not ready for sitting down to do worksheets on a daily basis, so we'll cut back for now.

And of course, don't forget my older son.  He is pretty self-reliant when it comes to his studies but we have maintained our read-aloud time (I'm thrilled!):

For more information on our homeschool world, see this past month's posts!

Our Food and Health World

I've tempted fate a bit more than usual this past month and have given into temptation with occasional dairy beyond my normal raw only here and there.  I do allow myself regular dairy on occasion but no more than once or twice a week.....  unfortunately I gave in a bit more this month and even to some gluten grain foods here and there.  My digestive system is not pleased..... nor are my sinuses.   Back to my normal routine!!!

Cold season is upon us and I hope to be updating my cold and flu post soon.  In the meantime, here's a link to the one from last year.  I've already bought some extra cold calm and Oscillococcinum.  I LOVE THAT STUFF! It really works, especially the Oscillococcinum.  The Cold Calm works best if you take it as soon as symptoms appear.

I'm also going back to making bone broth every week.  Our last trip to the dentist was disappointing.  I'm convinced that everything I read inCuring Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel is true.  But while we eperiemented with many of the things the book talks about this past year, we were not at all consistent.  I am on a mission to make Cod Liver Oil, Bone broth, and oil pulling an everyday part of my life..... looking forward to a better checkup in 6 months!

Our Faith World

We are making progress in keeping Sundays low stress.  Sunday School season has started and I am back at assisting with the older class (middle school and high schoolers).  We are going to try to get the kids to read a book this year (see the link on Introducing The Orthodox Church above) on the Orthodox Faith and talk about it in class.  I think we can count on at least half the kids reading the book so we SHOULD be able to have a decent discussion based on that and perhaps it will encourage the others to read it.

Other Parts of My World

There's one other book I'm reading I know, I know, do the books ever stop?  Well, no, and that's wonderful!

But this one, though geared for Homeschooling, is teaching me much about LIFE!


So I'll leave you now with a few quotes from the book.

"We ought to enter into God's rest and then serve Him wholeheartedly - not out of anxiety, but out of love and trust."

"Unshakeable peace does not come from getting through a certain amount of material over a specified amount of time, but it also doesn't come from throwing in the towel and giving in when things get hard.  Peace comes from recognizing that our real task is to wake up each day and get our marching orders from God.  It comes from diligence to the work He hands us, but diligence infused with faith, with resting in God's promises to guide and bless us."


What did you do during September?  What are you reading?