Our Food Story – It’s REAL

Do you have one of those naysayer friends or family members who just doesn't ever get it?  You tell them how something is in your life and they never quite get it and actually don't BELIEVE it?  UGH!  It is soooo  hard to be patient with those sorts, ya know???


In October of 2013, I wrote a post titled Our Food Story. It was a little glimpse into what got my family started on the food journey we have been on and WILL CONTINUE to be on for the rest of our lives.  It's just that important.  And yes, naysayers- IT'S TRUE and certainly not 'optional'.

Sometimes, though- it's like banging your head against a brick wall.

All pictures in this post obtained from Pixabay.
All pictures in this post obtained from Pixabay.

I totally understand why strangers or people we've just met wouldn't understand the background and the hows and whys that led us to this decision- to follow a whole foods diet and never again consume artificial chemicals, additives and harmful ingredients that is added to the standard American diet on a daily basis by the 'food' companies.  But when it's family or 'friends' that have known us for sometime and they still make comments about whether our kids have to continue this style of life after leaving home....well- it's gosh darn FRUSTRATING!!!


The thing is, these people just don't understand.  They don't know what we went through.  Oh, sure they've heard mentions of the words "ADHD", "Mental Illness", "Bipolar Depression" and such, but they weren't there- so they don't believe it (I shake my head even as I write this).

Well, my readers.  I lived it.  I know what we went through.  I can remember events vividly that I wouldn't wish upon an enemy. Someday I may write about those events that can still make me shake and bring me to tears as I recall them.  It was real.  It happened.  But we found an answer.  The answer is in God and His Food.

The answer is to avoid artificial ingredients that we were ingesting on a daily basis throughout the day.  The answer is to avoid MSG, artificial colors and flavors, artificial sweeteners, and - though I didn't know this then, but am learning now- possibly the processed grains that we were eating from fast-food establishments, other restaurants, and yes- even my own kitchen when using processed or pre-packaged 'foods' or ingredients.

My family avoids these now.  And we are well.  We are healthy.  We no longer carry labels that hindered our lives. It's REAL.  And no, we can't afford to make it an 'option'.

And why would anyone- ANYONE- try to tell my kids that they can eat any way they want to now or in the future?  WHY would they say (essentially) "Hey, you don't have to eat that weird way your parents make you eat now-   feel free to have a mental illness again" ?  Because yes, essentially- when you (naysayer) are telling my child to go ahead and eat 'like everybody else', you know- the 'normal way'- you are telling my child to face the possibility of being committed to a psychiatric ward one day- something we avoided when we took the road to better health.  You are attempting to negate all of our hard work and efforts.

So please-  whether you understand it or not, whether you believe it or not  -   keep your opinions (and yes, it's just an opinion since you are making it without knowledge or understanding of the truth) to yourself.  Let my child make his or her own decisions WITHOUT the influence of someone that HAS NOT A CLUE as to what we went through and what it is we are avoiding.  Better yet- if you have such doubt, why not come to me and ASK QUESTIONS instead of assuming it isn't true??


At some point in time, dear readers, I plan to share more personal accounts of our story- but in the meantime- if you are interested in just what it is we do pertaining to food, you can read these past posts:

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Who are the naysayers in YOUR life?  What area of your life do you seem to have the most struggle with these naysayers?


7 thoughts on “Our Food Story – It’s REAL

  1. writersideup

    Carol, I'm with you on striving to eat "clean" 'cause I know what we eat affects us directly. My boyfriend has serious mental issues and I know if he were to eat well, he would improve. We're both going to be doing an elimination diet for a while in the hopes to heal our "leaky guts." It won't be easy and I hope he will be as determined as I plan to be.

    I can't stand when people criticize out of complete ignorance. I'm sure I've done it (long ago) and I can tell you, especially since I became disabled with issues that are difficult to understand, I had a lot of that (not so much anymore), and also with religious beliefs. It's pretty much impossible to avoid naysayers, I would say : /

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Avoiding them is impossible, I agree. That's when it's most important to make sure "Mama Bear" teaches the cubs to fend for themselves and hope that our kids will remember what was taught to them - enough that at least if they stray they will recognize the signs long before it causes a great detriment to their lives.

      My prayers are with you and your boyfriend. It's not an easy change to make. While eliminating everything artificial from our lives gave me my life back as it did for my daughter, I also have learned their are other things (wheat, other grains, etc.) that can be attributers to mental illness and other diseases - things that appear to be 'food' but really aren't. And when you are suffering from a mental illness, the last thing you want to be told is that the 'food' you seek for comfort or is easier to come by than making your own meat and vegetable meal is actually causing your illness to worsen. I'm not sure if I would have sought this out for myself - it was all in that 'mama bear' protection mode that I sought the diet we are on and maintain it. So while I cringe to see someone that's ill reach for processed foods laden with wheat and MSG, etc., knowing full well that it could be the source of their illness, I can also identify with how hard it is to change! The first step of course, is truly believing what the source is though- and stop being a naysayer 😉 Best wishes!

  2. Savanah

    I hear you! I try so hard to explain to the kids why we can't just have ONE soda or ONE food dye filled treat, when others keep saying "everything in moderation". Well, if they want to take care of my kids for a few days after that "moderate snack", they are more than welcome to. If not....shush it!

    We went AIP in April & it made such huge changes in all of us. We aren't nearly as strict now, but there is no MSG, no food dyes, no processed foods, no sugar, and very little grains. It just makes us feel so much better & although my 7yo is still Autistic, his worst behaviors have almost completely disappeared.

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Thank you so much for stopping by Savanah! It is hard. My older kids were old enough when we switched to whole foods (we went through an elimination diet as a family) to understand the why- though it was still a difficult transition. Now I have a four year old that watches other people eat this 'stuff' and wonders why we can't. It's hard to deal with because I can't just go and say that's 'crappy' food and have him say that to someone else, you know? I know exactly what you mean by AIP- we stick to a primarily Paleo diet- at least my husband and I do with an occasional indulgence in rice and other things. I have unfortunately , gotten back onto sugar but we will be addressing that again in February when we do another Whole30 for Lent!
      As for your Autistic son, that's so good to hear that AIP is helping him. I always thought, even back in my teaching days (special education) before I knew all about food ingredients the way I do now, that there were some strong dietary factors involved with autism. I've also read a lot about homeopathy helping tremendously. How long have you been doing AIP with him? Perhaps he will continue to improve.

  3. Kaylene

    I get really irritated when people who don't know the full story try to influence children. I get this with homeschooling all the time. I'm sorry, mama. You're doing what's best for your kids. That's what matters. 🙂

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