In the Life of a Mama Bear

I love being a mother.

All Photos by Pixabay
All Photos by Pixabay

I love raising my children.  I love nurturing their every need: protection, food, shelter, love and all that this entails.

I also love bears.

black-bear-50293_640Maybe it's because I can so closely relate to the stories of how a mamma bear will protect it's young.  - woman plays dead   - Mama bear mauls jogger

Is it any wonder that they use the term mamma bear in a parenting safety app on phones?  ( )

In my life as a parent, I've played all sorts of 'mama bears':

The mama who goes about doing her own thing, but always watching with those eyes in the back of my head.  Oh yes, young ones, I know what you are doing...


The mama bear who convinces the young child it's quiet time, so that I CAN TAKE A NAP!


The mama bear who trees her cub (time-out in human terms) to teach them a lesson or protect them from harm.


The mama bear who GETS RIGHT IN  YOUR FACE and says "Hey! That's my kid - don't you DARE treat my kid that way!"


And the mama bear who will FIGHT.  The mama bear who  will stop at NOTHING to defend her child and protect that child from ANY PERCEIVED harm.  Yeah, that's the one.

Don't mess with mama bear!

And it doesn't really matter what that perceived harm is, does it?  Whether it's the bully on the bus, the stranger who makes a nasty comment, the neighbor woman who somehow thinks it's okay her child tripped yours, the doctor who wants to inject toxic poisons into the bloodstream,the librarian who doesn't get your child's special needs, the guy next door, the boys walking in the mall,  the school district that doesn't truly know the educational needs of your specific child,  or the chemicals that wreak havoc on your child's brain that so many people are fooled into thinking is actually 'food'....

We mothers can all identify with those protective instincts of a mama bear.  We will leap in and defend our child from whatever we perceive as harmful. Don't mess with this mama bear's cubs.  Don't toy with them, don't hassle them, don't mess with their brains.  I'm watching.


Can you identify with Mama Bear?

2 thoughts on “In the Life of a Mama Bear

  1. writersideup

    Yep, I'm a mama bear 🙂 But not protective to the degree that I didn't allow my son to learn how to protect himself when he could either, regardless of what that harm is. And even with all the guidance, my son just recently told me (after experiencing a true injustice), no matter what you and Dad taught me and warned me about, nothing could've prepared me for this. Some things they still need to experience for themselves in this often harsh world we live in : /

    1. orthodoxmom3

      This is true, very true. Mama bears do have to teach their young to protect themselves and guide them in a way to give them tools to deal with the unexpected. It is a harsh world and even some of those we're taught to 'trust' are misleading. Prayers to all of the mama bears out there and their cubs!

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