Book Review Wednesday: Flora & Ulysses

Book Title:  The Illuminated Adventures of Flora and Ulysses

Author:  Kate DiCamillo

Illustrator:  K.G. Campbell

Genre:  Middle Grade Novel, Fiction, Humor

Publisher:  Candlewick

  • ISBN-10: 076366040X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0763660406

Pages:  240

Ages: 7-13

Awards:  2014 Newberry Medal

Why Did I Choose It?  It's simple really.  It was last year's Newberry Medal winner, so an easy pick for me to read in 2014!  I didn't accomplish picking it up and reading it through until the end of the year but I am delighted to have done so.  I'm already looking forward to this year's pick!

A Bit From The Back Cover:  She stood at the window and watched as the squirrel was vacuumed up.  Poof.  Fwump.  "Holy bagumba!" said Flora.

My Review:   I really enjoyed this book.  It was the kind of funny and lighthearted reading I needed as a break from all the serious reading I've been doing lately. This children's novel begins with a cynic, a squirrel and a vacuum cleaner.  Can it get any more crazy?  Yes!  Add in a romance novel writer for a mother, a poetry loving neighbor and her not so blind nephew, a donut and a lamp and well, you've got yourself a very entertaining Newberry medal winner.  Kate DiCamallo's characters come to life as you turn the pages as you follow the tale of a squirrel turned 'super hero' after being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner.  Bizarre you say?  YES! Quirky? Sure,  but a brilliant, humorous way of reaching out to the young reader and demonstrating that even a cynic can discover the possibility of hope and find that love exists in places (or people) you wouldn't expect.  As a plus, it's a superb tool to teach excellent vocabulary with an entertaining humorous story and not a dull, dry, vocabulary workbook 🙂   Who can't love that?

Other Books By This Author:  Because of Winn Dixie, The Tale of Despereaux, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Mercy Watson to the Rescue, and others.

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