Narrowing Down Those Goals 2015

I am forever attempting to manage stress.  One of the chapters I read last fall in the book I posted about titled "Stress Management and Relaxation Workbook" indicated that one of the best ways to manage stress is by setting and prioritizing goals.


Last week, I posted my long-term goals as my '2015 Resolutions'.  Since posting, I've taken a look at those goals and narrowed them down to what I call 'middle-term' goals.  Middle-term goals are goals that are more precise than the long-term goal and is something one hopes to carry out within a 1-5 year time span.  With these goals, I have a more focused idea on what I want to work on and will be able to set short-term goals- goals I can actually accomplish within a few weeks up to one year that will set me on the right path to achieving the long-term goals based on my life priorities.

Going along with that basic list of priorities and long-term goals, my middle term goals are as follows:

  1. Develop a habit of prayer/devotion:
  • Morning prayers with family
  • Morning devotion time (Bible and other forms of devotion)
  • Evening prayers with Alexander ( my youngest) and on my own
  • Jesus prayer (throughout day)
  • Ancient Faith podcasts ( a couple a week)
  • Orthodox Reading

2.  Improve My Marriage

  • Habit of Date Nights Time away
  • Share/develop similar interests/activities
  • Focus on Love and Respect for one another

3.  Develop more opportunities to spend with children (together as a family as well as one on one time) to be monitored on a monthly basis.

4. Develop Meal Plans/grocery lists that are manageable   red-417101_1280

  1. Education
  • To develop a graduation plan for my oldest son (classes/credits for remaining three years of high school)
  • To Study the Charlotte Mason method (and figure out a way for my husband to learn it too)

6.  Writing

  • To post to the blog on a consistent basis… at least 3-5 times per week with an average of 4.
  • To write and submit at least 5 complete manuscripts within the next 3 years.

7.  To develop a habit of reaching out and talking in person or by phone (yeah, that might be hard) to 3 different friends or family members weekly (not overlapping entirely the same 2 weeks in a row).

  1. To declutter and maintain a ‘clutter-free’ environment – never running out of room to put things, everything having a place and not keeping things that haven’t been used in over 3 years unless of significant money or sentimental value.

  2. To live within a budget set with my husband.

  • To put helping others within the budget
  • To develop a plan (and work on ) for retirement and maintain the 6-8 month emergency fund ( 6 months living plus additional for actual emergencies….roof, major repair, etc.)
  1. To develop a list of ideas that can be done on a weekly or daily basis to incorporate a little more fun and relaxation into my days and DO THEM.
Photos by Pixabay
Photos by Pixabay


All of these goals are an offshoot or more precise listing of what I can do within the next 1-5 years to obtain my ultimate goals.  They are smaller sub-goals of the bigger goal.  With these, I will narrow down smaller steps -  short-term goals that are more focused and achievable within a matter of weeks up to just one year, always keeping in mind the bigger goal and always moving towards progress and success!

Do you ever write out medium or short-term goals or steps it will take you to achieve those bigger long-term goals?

What is the biggest goal that you have achieved and feel the most successful about?



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3 thoughts on “Narrowing Down Those Goals 2015

  1. writersideup

    I do love organization 😀 I'm working my way toward making up a newer list to help me focus. I have many lists and that's part of the problem. Way too many things to do and never enough time for one person to do them. Trouble is---there's no one else to alleviate the burden.

    Good luck with all this, Carol, and btw---I LOVE your new look and header! 😀

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Oh thank you!!! I'm wanting to change the theme but haven't decided which free wordpress theme to use and I'm AFRAID! I'm not sure how much will change automatically when I change the theme and I'm not sure how much 'fix-it' stuff I'll have to do.... Tech savy, I'm not! LOL.
      I have sooooo many lists! But without them, I really do fail! I just need a list to help me remember where all the lists are! HAHA

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