Books: A Year In Review

Who doesn't love books?

Okay, I realize there are a few but those are just crazy actually, I believe  those people were just  never given the right books!  My true passion for books started with this one:

That's  how I started my post from last January in which  I made a list of the books I wanted to read  in 2014- you can see that list here.  With the end of the year fast approaching, I wanted to review my list- determine if I still want to read the remaining books that I never got around to reading or finishing, and make a new list for the upcoming year.

All of the  books from my 2014 list have been the main photograph of this blog all year. I went through and marked off all the books I actually did read- here they are:


And I just finally started reading last year's winner -  Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo!



  • Writing Picture Books: A Hands on Guide From Story to Creation by Ann Whitford Paul (Still Working on this one!)
  • 2014 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market
  • A Family of Readers - The Book Lover's Guide to Children's and Young Adult Literature (Still Working on This!)
  • Honey For A Child's Heart - The Imaginative Use of Books in Family Life  (Still Working on This One Too!)


  • The Orthodox Study Bible - yes, I've already read it 🙂  But the bible is a daily must no matter how many times one has read it
  • 2014 Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints (Fasting Calendar by The Orthodox Calendar Company)- I've used this periodically, but failed, I'm afraid, in reading it daily as intended.





Of Course, I DID stray from the list.... 

  • The Busy Mom's Guide to Romance by Heidi St. John
  • Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson
  • Clutter Free With Kids by Joshua S. Becker
  • Grain Brain by David Perlmutter  -  I'll be honest- I haven't completely finished this one either- but I do LOVE what I've read thus far and highly recommend this informative read.
  • The Emotionally Healthy Woman - I haven't finished this one either - I'm reading it with a wonderful group of women and thoroughly enjoying it.
  • Love and Respect - another one I've recently started.
  • Unglued - a great book by Lysa TerKeurst that I am actually rereading as I've mentioned in some posts.
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkiabn (a reread for me, a read-aloud with my son)
  • A Christmas Carol - Our Current Read-Aloud that we are sure to finish within a few days!

I have truly loved most of them.  There was only one or two that wasn't necessarily what I hoped it would be.  And I'm eager to finish the ones I'm reading now and move on to more.  So I'm thinking of starting a list now for 2015 - not that I think I NEED one to read- I just like having an idea, something to keep me from buying EVERY SINGLE BOOK I SEE that interests me- because if I don't have a list- It's very tempting to do just that.

books-389392_1280 book store
I would never bypass a good bookstore though-booklist or not 😉


What Was Your Favorite Book This Year?

Are there any that fall into my categories above?  Are there any other books that you would recommend for my To Read list for 2015?


2 thoughts on “Books: A Year In Review

  1. writersideup

    What a great list, Carol 😀 I don't record what I read, but if I want to look, most of them are listed in my online history through my library system. I don't often get to read the novels I purchase, but do read all the picture books. It's hard for me to say my favorites simply because I can't recall all of them (way too many), but a few that pop to mind (OK, now I took a quickl look at my Goodreads list) are:

    Sam & Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett and Jon Klasseng
    Quest by Aaron Becker
    Beekle by Dan Santat
    Sleepyheads by Sandra J. Howatt and Joyce Wan
    Waiting Out the Storm by JoAnn Macken and Susan Gaber
    Battle Bunny by Jon Scieszka, Mac Barnett and Matthew Myers
    Fossil by Bill Thomson
    The Grudge Keeper by Mara Rockliff and Eliza Wheeler

    Wheels of Change by Darlene Beck Jacobson
    Circa Nowby Amber Mcree Turner
    Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff

    I know there were many more, but those are some really good/great ones 😀

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Thanks! This looks like a good list too- I JUST purchased Sam & Dave Dig a Hole as a Christmas present for my son- so I'll be reading that in just a few days! I'll have to take a look at the rest of these titles. Hey you can find me on Goodreads too 😉 Carol Federoff 🙂

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