Only 9 Days Left Trying Not to PANIC


I woke up at 4:30 this morning.



There's only 9 Days Left?? Seriously?

Well, what I told myself would be my stress-free year of the hustle and bustle of December (okay, I admit it- I always shoot for that goal...) is probably the worst year ever for serious planning and doing it all (shopping, meal plans, etc. )stress free.  I have 9 days left to buy presents for my family & friends and figure out all of our plans, etc. and still somehow hold onto that holiday spirit and keep focused on the reason.

2014-12-16 06.16.36

So as I sit and write this post, I tell myself:  I will NOT come UNGLUED.  I will NOT come UNGLUED.

I realize I need to not only get busy online and order some things to put under our tree and give to others we love,  I also need to relish that part of the reason this month hasn't been all that organized is that I have taken some time to relax.  I've had some extra family time, time with my husband, time to travel and bring my daughter home from college and time to write some pretty good posts at the beginning of the month.  So these  past two weeks were productive - just not in getting my holiday plans and shopping done.

But now that the season is upon us with just 9 days left and trying not to panic, I need to figure out how to still get all that shopping done (under deadlines to get it all here on time since most of my shopping is done online as I can never find what I really want in the malls of Williamsport and it's just so much less time consuming to do it online anyway), plan our family time, travel time and yes, meal and yummy food planning and everything else that comes up ( a funeral, grocery shopping, household tasks and so on and still stay focused on the reason.


So some things need to go.  🙁

It looks like the writing is the thing-

I've already not been able to work on the great ideas for posts I had for this December - guess I'll write those ideas down in a notebook for next year- but it is what it is. So please excuse me while I try to stay sane for the next two weeks and may not get around to posting much, or writing much at all.  It's disheartening really- after all the motivation I got from PiBoIdMo to not have had ANY time the last couple of weeks to even pick up a manuscript or even write down a single idea since December 1.   But I will try to stay upbeat about the great idea list I have written down from November and will do everything I can to get back on track for the new year -  which means I really should at least look over that resolution list and goal list I developed last year and truly think about what my priorities are to get me back on track.

In the meantime-

I hope YOU are staying focused on the REAL REASON for this holiday season.

What do YOU do, in the midst of panic and time crunches,  to stay focused on the reason?

2 thoughts on “Only 9 Days Left Trying Not to PANIC

  1. Brenton Dickieson

    Well, when I become unglued, apparently I yell at my family! [sad face]
    But... others would remind me to breathe, chill out, eat a nanaimo square.
    I thought you Orhtodox folk had another 12 days?

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Yes, I have that yelling problem too.... but am happy to say I am working on it and I do believe improvement has been and is continuing to be made 🙂

      If you are referring to Russian Christmas, Christmas falls on January 7th and is still celebrated on that day by those following the Old Calendar (Julian), but most Orthodox - even Russian Orthodox living in America, celebrate Christmas according to the new calendar (Gregorian) as do Western Christians on December 25th. 🙂 As my husband is Russian, we sometimes try to do something a little extra on the 7th but usually not much - maybe a special meal or save one present for that day. Thanks for asking- maybe I'll use that topic for a post next December! But you might be interested in a post where I touched upon the subject last year - Russian Christmas Customs. 🙂 Enjoy the blessed holidays Brenton!

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