Christmas Cards and Marriage

I love sending out Christmas cards.  It's a tradition I've maintained all 22 years of our marriage.  I love writing something personal inside, even if short.  I love receiving them.

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So when I heard mention of Christmas cards on a radio program the other day, I paused to listen.  The radio hosts were speaking about Christmas cards and whether or not a couple should send them 'together' if they weren't married.  Hmmmm..... well that was interesting.  They took in lots of phone calls on this subject.  The woman on the radio was living with her boyfriend and wasn't sure if they should BOTH sign her names on the Christmas cards she was sending out.  She worried that maybe only married couples should sign Christmas cards. Was asking him to sign the cards be appropriate or maybe that was asking too much, she wondered.  And so would signing the card jinx the relationship?


Asking too much to have a boyfriend committed to living with her sign a Christmas card?  Really?  He can commit to living with you but not sign a card??  And signing the card would jinx the relationship??  REALLY???

I was truly appauled by the amount of callers who said NO - don't sign the card - that's too much commitment.  No one mentioned that LIVING TOGETHER is a much much BIGGER COMMITMENT.

What is the world coming to?

Personally-  I think only married couples should be living together.  That's it.  I said it.

But that point aside, if someone truly thinks that signing a card might be the demise of their relationship,  I tend to think the demise is already there.

Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

I turned the radio off.  I went home and started filling out my Christmas cards.  Cards that I lovingly sign my husband's name to as well as my children....and as far as I know, those cards have never jinxed our marriage.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards and Marriage

  1. joyofdawn

    Justin and I are looking forward to doing Christmas cards this year. Especially since we are celebrating away from home. I've always asked Justin if he wanted to sign the cards we make. I could just sign for both of us now, but it is more fun for us this way. Maybe it depends on the couple but we were giving gifts and signing cards together before we were married. I don't think we've been jinxed by it in anyway. 😉

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Ted and I used to both sit down and fill out the cards when we were first married- but time passed and life got more hectic so he doesn't always have time to sign them anymore- but I know his heart is there and he's glad I do them. 🙂 I think the fact that you were already giving cards ad gifts as a card indicates your commitment- I don't think that was really in the heart and mind of the lady on the talk show, unfortunately - or most of the callers 🙁 YAY for no jinxes on your marriage or mine!

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